Confirmed: Wolverine Did Use Magneto's Helmet as a Urinal

Occasionally I have been accused of pulling stories out of my rectum. This is never true. Occasionally a story may be pulled out of someone else's rectal cavity, but I always give it a dust off and check if it passed the smell-test before presenting it as a story on Bleeding Cool. But, a month ago, when I stated that we were to learn that Wolverine – who had borrowed Magneto's helmet to keep a particularly nasty telepath at bay – had used it as a urinal before returning it to Magneto – although he used slightly choice words. I initially reported as part of a list of increasingly-confirmed X-Men gossip,

1) You saw Wolverine get Magneto drunk and use his helmet to ensure he wouldn't against be possessed by a telepath. But before he gives it back to Magneto, he uses it as a toilet. And only tells Magneto after it's already back on his head. Maybe that white hair won't be quite so white?

Before later defining the language used;

See Magneto's face when he places it on his helmet? That's because this is the moment that Logan chooses to reveal that he has used it as a urinal. Not the words Logan uses of course, he prefers "piss bucket".

Naturally, a number of folks doubted my word. Heaven forfend. But in a preview to this week's Wolverine #4, it all came out…

Confirmed: Wolverine Used Magneto's Helmet Is A Urinal
Art from Wolverine #4
Confirmed: Wolverine Used Magneto's Helmet Is A Urinal
Art from Wolverine #4

Those flies bussing around should underline the point… maybe I should do another eight gossipy X-Men spoilers? And what of Wolverine? Well, he is the best there is at what he do-doos…

I'm 48 this year.

(W) Ben Percy (A) Viktor Bogdanovic (CA) Adam Kubert
After getting dressed down by the Quiet Council for rogue activity, Wolverine escapes through his own secret gate to the Red Tavern, a snowbound, backwoods watering hole where he only wants to guzzle whiskey in peace. But Logan soon discovers that peace isn't possible as a twist-and-turn murder mystery unfolds – and at the heart of it all is an enemy from the past.
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