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When A Comic Falls From $227 To $13 Overnight - Dawn Of X Vol 8 TPB
That seems to be the case with the eighth volume of Dawn Of X, the series of trade paperbacks that has been collecting the entire run of Krakoan X-Men titles that have been running since House Of X At one point, there was a reduction in the supply of the collection, which saw a price[...]
Marvel Future Fight Launches New A New Update Featuring Dawn of X
Netmarble has dropped a new update into Marvel Future Fight today as we're getting new additions featuring players from Dawn Of X As you might suspect from this update as it has been in the past, you'll be getting a bunch of new uniforms and costumes for a few characters and changes to a couple[...]
Loki Gets An Omnibus Series
Dawn Of X time! The Uncanny Omar has been running more YouTube scoops directly from Marvel VP – Sales, David Gabriel And as well as the new Omnibus listings, we get some X-Men hardcover collection news. Marvel Comics collected the House Of X/Power Of X issues in one big book and is doing the same for[...]
Hold Your Horses on
This time last year, Bleeding Cool reported that Captain Marvel artist Carmen Nunez Carnero would be starting a new comic book called X-Corp in February 2020 as part of the Dawn of X line Possibly with Leah Williams or Vita Ayala as writer. This followed the word of a new Wolverine title as part of the second[...]
Brett Booth Returns To Marvel With Jonathan Hickman's X-Men #15
And X-Men showrunner Jonathan Hickman gets what – and who – he wants for the Dawn Of X comics Hickman has been drawing from all sorts of X-Men history for the current storyline, those that Brett Booth has worked on. And now, for 2021, Brett Booth will be returning to Marvel, taking over from Leinil Yu[...]
X Of Swords, Handbook
Hellions #5 courtesy of Sinister, is also ramping up to being comedy book of the Dawn Of X line We discover that, of course, Sinister has been disobeying the No More Clones rule with himself – and we know he has other secret cloning-related plans with chimera as well. Art from Hellions #5. The handbook reminds us[...]
Bleeding Cool Has A New Cypher For The Krakoan Native Language
Might be worth going back and applying it to previous Dawn Of X series. X OF SWORDS CREATION #1 MARVEL COMICS JUL200583 (W) Jonathan Hickman (A/CA) Pepe Larraz X OF SWORDS – CHAPTER 1 A tower A mission A gathering of armies. Rated T+In Shops: Sep 23, 2020 SRP: $6.99 X Of Swords: Creation #1 is published today I bought mine from Piranha Comics[...]
So What Is X Of Swords About Exactly? (X-Men, Excalibur #12 Spoilers)
Just as we see the original Okkara island divided into Krakoa and Arakko, and populations divided –  so it reflects House Of X, Powers Of X and Dawn Of X, humanity divided into human and mutant Will X Of Swords further that dividing in twain, or begin to reunite the two halves? So we see[...]
Juggernaut Series Now Part Of Dawn Of X Comic Books
They (unsurprisingly) make the kick-off issue of X Of Swords, X-Men: Creation #1 a "red" book, which showrunner Jonathan Hickman has indicated that means it is to be considered an essential book to pick up for those following the Dawn Of X Krakoan storyline They also confirm that the delayed-and-rescheduled Juggernaut limited series is to[...]
Cable Revisits Own Death, All Was Not What It Seemed (#4 Spoilers)
He hasn't been revived like other mutants, because he was killed by himself, a younger version of the character, known today as Teen Cable and starring in the current Dawn Of X Cable title, living on Krakoa with the rest of the Summers. In the previous issue, Teen Cable found his future corpse to retrieve the[...]
Chris Claremont's God Loves, Man Kills Ending Aimed At Current X-Men?
The recent Dawn of X comic books that have relaunched and revived the X-Men at Marvel Comics have done so revealing that Professor Xavier was living a lie his whole life, that he knew what future was coming and his role in it courtesy of the Groundhog Day mutant abilities of Moira Mactaggert And every[...]
Emma Frost Has Her Own Weapons Of Mass Destruction in Marauders #10
As a result, it is the first of the Dawn Of X titles to be published in two months – and bears the scars of it age Gerry Duggan, Stefano Caselli and Edgar Delgado tell a story missing its lead, Kate Pryde is dead and she seems to be staying that way – for now[...]