For Your Consideration: Sam Glanzman For An Eisner Award


From Drew Ford, Sam Glanzman's publisher.

Sam Glanzman needs everyone's help to win his first Eisner Award! This past Tuesday, Sam was nominated for his recently published U.S.S. Stevens: The Collected Stories.

Sam Glanzman has been writing and drawing comics for over 70 years, and this collection is seen by many (including himself) to be his most important work. It collects over 70 short comic book stories, based on the true experiences of himself and his shipmates, while serving aboard the U.S.S. Stevens during World War II.

Of course, there have been many important comic book collections based on war, but this is arguably one of the best. And while I did edit this collection, I take none of the credit. All credit belongs to Sam, and his uncanny ability to tell a brilliant, funny, or heart-wrenching story in just a few pages. As Ivan Brandon stated in his foreword,

"Short stories in comics are especially hard, but the kind of story Glanzman tells is something else, like watching a whole ocean poured into a shot glass."

Aside from his work on this collection, Sam has quietly inspired generations of comic book creators, with his work on Combat, Tarzan, Hercules, The Lonely War Of Willy Schultz, Haunted Tank, and so much more. In fact, quite unknowingly, Sam has directly influenced the way comics are made today. As Jeff Lemire stated in his foreword to the recent ATTU collection (Sam's one fictional creator-owned work), "..his lush, gritty brush style was one of the key influences on Tim Truman, Steve Bissette, and a whole generation of artists, who, in turn, inspired me."

At 92, with over 70 years of comic book creation under his belt, Sam has yet to win an Eisner Award. If he is ever to win one at all, it should surely be for this collection, the work based on his personal experiences during WWII. A collection of stories less about heroes and villains, and more about the day-to-day struggles of people figuring out how to retain their humanity while trapped in such an inhuman situation.

If you are a comic book professional, I hope you will seriously consider helping Sam win his first-ever Eisner Award with your vote. And if you are not eligible to vote, but know some comic book pros who are, you would be doing Sam an immense favor by sharing this request with them.

Sam's book will be found under following category: Best Archival Collection/Project—Comic Books (at least 20 years old).

Here is the link to vote for this year's Eisner Awards:

Thank you so much for your time.

Most Sincerely,

Drew Ford



"U.S.S. Stevens is both an excellent graphic narrative and an important record of an American warship's service in the Pacific campaign of World War Two. Mr. Glanzman has my admiration, respect, and profound gratitude."
Garth Ennis

"Glanzman's a giant, a national treasure in the field of illustration. His comics work is rightfully legendary. If (U.S.S. Stevens) is your first exposure to it, I envy you."
Mark Waid


"Sam Glaznman is one of the great storytellers of 20th century comics."
The A.V. Club

"…one of the great comics figures of his generation."
Comic Book Resources

"…one of the most talented artists and storytellers the Golden Age of comics ever produced."
Midwest Book Review

"Glanzman's attention to narrative, to design and how they work together on the page to create a very personal account of a world event have influenced the evolution of comics altogether."
Starburst Magazine

"For what it's worth, I can honestly say I have a career in comics because of Sam and his artwork."
Stephen Bissette

"Sam Glanzman has to be one of the most honest, dedicated and engaging cartoonists in comics history."
Kurt Busiek

"Talk about a master, you have to talk about Sam Glaznman."
Joe Lansdale

"…the first cartoonist to take the genre formula of war comics and turn it on its head…"
Paul Levitz

"Sam Glanzman is one of the most neglected stars. It's a shame that a talent like his has been so overlooked when writing about those who made comic books the exciting medium they are."
Stan Lee

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