Cosplaying As Iron Man – The Armor Of Dale Oliver

There is something amazing about cosplay. The costumes and looks of the characters that they are trying to emulate were created by artists with pencil and paper (or computer). They were not designed on real people with real world physics and real world materials. So needless to say getting a live-action version of the characters in the comics is tricky. I mean, look at how often the costume are changed in the films. Wolverine has never worn the spandex based costumes we've seen him in on the printed page. Hawkeye's costume has changed dramatically from the pointed mask and tabbard look. And the majority of the Iron Man armor is added by computer after filming.

Well, in the latest Becoming Marvel,  cosplayer Dale Oliver has crafted a good looking Iron Man cosplay that is in many different pieces. We see in the video how long it takes him to armor up with someone helping him. I can only imagine what he has to go through if he needs to use the restroom while in the convention center.

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