Create Your Own Bloodshot, X-O Manowar, Archer And Armstrong, Harbinger And Shadowman Stories, Sell Them On Kindle


Valiant has joined the Kindle Worlds programme from Amazon, in which they allow anyone to create stories using the characters of Bloodshot, X-O Manowar, Archer & Armstrong, Harbinger and Shadowman and then sell them through the Kindle Store.

With such a keen Valiant fanbase, and plenty of fan fiction already existing unofficially,

As part of the deal, Amazon Kindle will also be releasing several Kindle-exclusive short fiction works starring Valiant characters and written by authors including Stuart Moore, Jason Starr, Robert Rodi and more.

How soon until we get Quantum/Woody slashfic? How long before the goat gets involved? Has it already happened????

Here are some of their PR quotes;

"This was downright fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, take-chances, go-places-you've-never-been fun. It reminded me of being a kid: reading comics and just living in a completely different reality for a while. Archer & Armstrong are great characters, worlds away from what I usually write. I felt I could take chances, do things differently, and simply have a good time going where the story took me." —Carolyn Nash, writing in Archer & Armstrong

"I love challenges that can take my writing in new directions, and it was blast to write a story set in the Valiant universe, with themes and characters that don't normally appear in my writing. I also enjoyed writing from the point of view of a teen and preteen character." —Jason Starr, writing in Harbinger

"This writing style is something I've been doing for years, though the world is very different with the ghosts and the powers. I just dug in and—hopefully—did some of the writing I do best. I know I had a good time." —Mel Odom, writing in Shadowman and The Foreworld Saga

"I loved having the chance to handle such highly charismatic characters as Archer & Armstrong while also indulging in a few of my own personal favorite genres: bawdy Elizabethan hijinks, court intrigue, and medieval Japanese espionage." —Robert Rodi, writing in Archer & Armstrong


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