Daily LITG – 24th September 2018 – Hitting The North

On the train from Leeds to Newcastle, for Terry Wiley's funeral tomorrow. That's me. But what did you read on Bleeding Cool yesterday?

Top five posts from yesterday.

  1. Bleeding Cool Brings You Batman's Penis In All Its Batglory From Batman: Damned #1
  2. Stephen Colbert Weighs In On the Batpenis
  3. The Other Major Heroes In Crisis #1 Death Confirmed? Really? 
  4. Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips' Criminal Returns in January from Image Comics
  5. Cable News Host Has Had Enough Of Your Bull@#$% in X-Men Red #8 Preview

The Guardian cited Bleeding Cool yesterday. Over what story? Have a guess.

Something that ComiXology weighed in on as well.

BBC's Start The Week discusses Nietzche, politics, and pop culture and at least three things I utterly disagree with. See if you can spot them.

And plenty of Thought Bubble too, as Joe Michael Straczynski noted…

And birthdays today…

  • Valiant marketing man who has been a staff member for more comics publishers than anyone else, Mel Caylo.
  • X-Men Gold writer and Arrowverse showrunner Marc Guggenheim.
  • Colourist Simone Peruzzi
  • Grumpy Cat cartoonist Ken Haeser

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