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Thought Bubble Moves 2020 Show Online, Confirms Harrogate For 2021

Thought Bubble, the UK’s largest comic art festival, has announced that this years festival and convention in Harrogate planned for November 2020 have been postponed to 13th-14th November 2021 and that a digital comic con will take place this November on the 14th and 15th in its stead.  All exhibitors and ticket holders have been[...]

Taking Down Thought Bubble on a Sunday Night in Harrogate…

Last weekend saw the first Thought Bubble comic convention in Harrogate, moving half an hour on the train from Leeds, but it seemed a world away From all accounts however, it was a success Some vendors I spoke to reported double their sales at the previous Thought Bubble, others triple even if there was a[...]

Destination Venus, Harrogate's Only Comic Shop, is Inside the Cinema

Coming home from Thought Bubble at Harrogate, I happened to pop by the town's only comic shop - and it was a revelation Destination Venus as a comic store has been around for years, but in recent years was bought out by Regie Rigby, who uses to write the Fool Britannia column that ran alongside[...]

Chip Mosher of ComiXology, on the Hunt for New Originals at Thought Bubble

Last year, Chip Mosher of ComiXology, discovered the mini-comic by Greg Lockard, Tim Fish and Hector Boros, Liebestrasse at Thought Bubble when it was in Leeds This week, edited by Will Dennis, it was published as an original graphic novel on ComiXology Originals and had a panel to itself at the show.Thought Bubble is a[...]

Saturday Night, Sunday Morning at Thought Bubble Harrogate 2019 – in Video

Last night saw the Harrogate Convention Centre in Harrogate host the Thought Bubble Mid-Con Party with comic creators as DJs on the dance floor, as is traditional Bleeding Cool took an early tour before most folk arrived to get a flavour of the event, before all the cool people turned up.It was sponsored, as is[...]

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Dani Colman's Dice at Thought Bubble That Help You Get… Stuff Done

She shares her home with her writer husband Brian Schirmer (creator of Fairlady) and two cats.This weekend, Dani is exhibiting at Thought Bubble in Harrogate alongside Brian And she had something to share that she started using herself and now also gives to creators she works with.The Get Sh-t Done Die You could also put[...]

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Joe Glass Is Teasing Something Non-Pride at Thought Bubble… If You Can Find Him

Former Bleeding Cool contributor Joe Glass is exhibiting his Pride superhero comic book at Thought Bubble this weekend But some people are not entirely sure where to find him And not just because the show is now in Harrogate.Because Glass is exhibiting in the ComiXology Originals Main Hall of Thought Bubble And not, as one[...]

From One Side of Thought Bubble Comic Con to Another - Harrogate 2019

From One Side of Thought Bubble Comic Con to Another – Harrogate 2019

I’m currently sitting at the front of the main panel room waiting for the Donny Cates panel to begin at Thought Bubble 2019, in Harrogate I managed to miss this palatial panel room on the video that runs below.. your regular, familiar, from one side of the show to the other, in our patent-pending shaky,[...]


Will the Toilets of Thought Bubble Be the Biggest Story of the Weekend?

So I find myself stretched out on a long sofa bench with Tim Pilcher, former editor at DC Vertigo, Humanoids and now publisher of Soaring Penguin Press, and author of comics gossip narrative Comic Book Babylon, as we watch Andy Diggle taking what we consider a more than adequate time to relieve himself.Andy Diggle considers[...]

The Society Photos of Thought Bubble Launch Party 2019

The Society Photos of Thought Bubble Launch Party 2019

The official guest hotel of Thought Bubble’s first year in Harrogate and, yes, it was a little bit of an upgrade to Leeds’ Radisson Blu For a start you could move - and I don’t just mean Henry Barajas or Roger Langridge on the dance floor And the facilities deserve an article all to themselves.But[...]

UK Comics Collective Create The Walking Dead Interactive Event at Thought Bubble

UK Comics Collective is a new group of comic creators and comic fans debuting - and running a series of events - at this year’s Thought Bubble Comic Con in Harrogate I am currently at Wakefield Westgate train station on my way there too.Funded by Wellcome Trust, Arts Council England and Biochemical Society, the ambition[...]

Avery Hill Publishing Announce New Graphic Novels From Owen D. Pomery, Charlot Kristensen, Abs Bailey, Zoe Thorogood, Patrick Wray, Katriona Chapman

just in time for appearing at Thought Bubble this weekend.Go take a look First the video... ...then the books and creators.Victory Point by Owen D Pomery @odpomery July 2020. On a summer’s day, Ellen returns to the coastal town she grew up in, the picturesque, yet architecturally strange, Victory Point[...]

Antony Johnston

Antony Johnston's Last Ever Comic Convention Table, This Weekend at Thought Bubble

Antony Johnston confirmes his attendance at Thought Bubble in Harrogate this weekend But this is the last time he'll be doing such a thing.. on his newsletter, he dropped the news. Yes, I’ll have a table at this year’s Thought Bubble, in the new venue of the Harrogate Convention Centre.THIS WILL PROBABLY BE THE LAST TIME[...]

Vault Comics Makes Official UK Debut at Thought Bubble This Weekend

Vault Comics Makes Official UK Debut at Thought Bubble This Weekend

Have I mentioned I'm going to Thought Bubble in Harrogate this weekend? No? Damn, I was sure I had, Oh well.Some other folk, who are going are US-based comic book publisher Vault Comics in their official capacity By which I mean their head of Marketing and Sales for the UK and Europe, Tara Ferguson, who[...]

Glenn Møane to Break Up at Thought Bubble

Glenn Møane to Break Up at Thought Bubble, Over Toxic Masculinity

I once met at Glenn Møane at a party at Thought Bubble when it was in Leeds And he returns this year, this weekend, even though the show has moved down the road to the slightly snootier Harrogate.And he tells Bleeding Cool that this weekend he will be debuting his latest one-shot The Break-Up, drawn[...]

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Ryan Jenkyns' Whiskers McFadden, Remastered for Thought Bubble

It's Thought Bubble this weekend in Harrogate.. and Orbital Comics employee Ryan Jenkins will be there with a remastered edition of his original breakout hit Whiskers McFadden #1 with new cover art and a completing of the storyline in the new year, coloured by Joe Exposito It'll also be up on Comixology soon, for those[...]

Spookids is a Very British Stranger Things, for Thought Bubble

Spookids, a Very British Stranger Things, for Thought Bubble

We love to check in with our friend Marc Jackson ahead of Thought Bubble to check in with his latest project And this year round, that is the launch issue of his new comic book Spookids Set in the eighties, with nerdy kids messing about, they open a portal to another place, that sees strange[...]