Dan DiDio and Jim Lee are No Longer Co-Publishers of DC, but Publishers

When the big reorganisation of DC Entertainment occurred after Publisher and President Paul Levitz was fired and Diane Nelson appointed, Dan DiDio and Jim Lee were both named co-publishers.

It brought back memories of Scrubs

Well, the recent news that Jim Lee was to take over Geoff Johns's position as Chief Creative Officer also revealed that both Jim Lee and Dan DiDio were now both being referred to as Publisher. The "Co-" had been dropped.

No more jokes about co-dependency, co-operation, or creating a socialist co-operative in the belly of the Burbank beast. Dan DiDio and Jim Lee are now both Publishers of DC. Even as DC no longer has anyone named President.

Of course, Jim Lee is also CCO. So when it comes round to the Bleeding Cool Power List, he may pip Dan to the top…

"DC Comics co-publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee. Burbank, CA 8/28/2015 (photo by John McCoy Daily News)"

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