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New Age of DC Heroes

Will the New Age of DC Heroes Comics Make it to Issue 12?

Last year, DC announced a new line of comic books, the New Age of DC Heroes. Or Dark Matter. Or Masterclass. They had a number of titles. Spearheaded by DC Publisher Dan DiDio with fellow DC Publisher Jim Lee, the idea was strong. A bunch of new ideas. New characters. New IP. Created by artists […]

DC Comics Writers Gather in Burbank for Summit

It may be the artists who DC Comics believe #MoveTheNeedle. Or at least they used to. But then, um, New Age of Heroes… anyway. It seems that DC Comics is taking a leaf out of Marvel Comics' book and running a just-writers summit this weekend — working out where DC Comics is going, what recent […]

Rumour: G Willow Wilson on Wonder Woman?

This is just a rumour. Unlike the other DC Creative Refresh stories I've been running, the source hasn't been known to me for years. So while I can say that, yes, Grant Morrison will be announced writing Green Lantern with Liam Sharp for a twelve-issue run, and that Kelly Sue DeConnick is on Aquaman, Brian […]

Dan DiDio and Jim Lee are No Longer Co-Publishers of DC, but Publishers

When the big reorganisation of DC Entertainment occurred after Publisher and President Paul Levitz was fired and Diane Nelson appointed, Dan DiDio and Jim Lee were both named co-publishers. It brought back memories of Scrubs… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SV7rxO2GqCMVideo can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Scrubs S04E03 – Co-Chief Resident (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SV7rxO2GqCM) Well, the recent news that Jim […]

Geoff Johns and DC Comics: The Late-Night Gossip

The second shoe at DC dropped today: Geoff Johns is no longer CCO or President of DC Entertainment. Instead he is launching Mad Ghost Productions and lining up work for DC and Warner Bros. in comics, TV, and film. The official word is that Geoff Johns is doing so in order to focus on creative matters […]

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Matt Fraction… Not on Jimmy Olsen? DC Fresh Stop?

Today we have been running a number of stories on what we have hilariously dubbed DC Fresh Start, a series of initiatives involving a number of creators (especially Brian Michael Bendis) that will see several new titles, relaunches, and creators at the publisher. But not everything has gone according to plan. Just as Bendis came […]

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David F. Walker on a Flash Comic? DC Fresh Start…

Today Bleeding Cool has been running a series of rumours over what we are dubbing the DC Fresh Start, spinning out of recent meetings in Chicago. David F. Walker recently finished writing Cyborg for DC Comics and Luke Cage for Marvel Comics. He is also well known for comics Nighthawk and Shaft.  I get the word […]

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Will Liam Sharp Join Grant Morrison on Green Lantern? DC Fresh Start…

Earlier today, Bleeding Cool ran the well-sourced rumour that Grant Morrison will be the new writer on Green Lantern as part of what we are dubbing the DC Fresh Start. The question was asked, will DC Comics be re-teaming Grant Morrison with longtime Lantern artist on Hal Jordan, Ethan Van Sciver, who previously worked together on New […]

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Kelly Sue DeConnick on Aquaman? DC Fresh Start…

Today we are looking at a number of relaunches and revitalizations and recasting for a number of DC Comics titles, that collectively we have dubbed DC Fresh Start. And here's another. Kelly Sue DeConnick is best known for her comics work on Captain Marvel, Pretty Deadly and on Bitch Planet. But earlier this year, we […]

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Brian Azzarello on Suicide Squad? DC Fresh Start?

I mentioned Grant Morrison on Green Lantern, which has been confirmed to me from three separate sources, but the ones that follow, while from the same sources, aren't from all three. Such as Liam Sharp being the artist. So if the Green Lantern story is a green light rumour, to use old Lying In The […]

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Grant Morrison on Green Lantern – DC Fresh Start?

Okay, so lots to write today, word leaking out of the recent Diamond Summit and C2E2 meet-ups that have slowly made their way out to Bleeding Cool. We're calling this the DC Fresh Start, though it seems a result of a number of initiatives happening at once. And first up, is the news that Grant Morrison […]