DC All Access: Masterminding Forever Evil, Shazam Monthly On The Way In 2014, And Maybe Doom Patrol


A rapid all access panel report from man in the field Aaron Hale:

It's Thursday in San Diego. That means its time for DC comics first major panel  DC All Access .  In order to get the latest  coverage to you quickly don't expect a lot of fluff .This year's  panel was moderated by Bob Wayne. There weren't  a lot of hints of things to come but definitely a lot of allusion.

* Geoff Johns alluded to a Shazam monthly coming in the new year. Also confirmed that the main mastermind character for Forever Evil would be Lex Luthor. When asked about the rumoured Booster Gold monthly he dodged the question and stated that he wasn't allowed to say much but to talk to Dan Didio. I hope that means we will be getting a new Booster Gold monthly and not that Dan Didio will be writing it.

Brian Buccellato was entertaining as always he came on stage in a flash mask displaying a brand new Barry Allen tattoo on his arm which was meant to be the unreleased cover to Flash #3. He let loose that  the Forever Evil Rogues Rebellion mini series would be just that the rogues rebelling against the new villains in charge. Last but not least the Reverse Flash's identity will be revealed soon, not who you think, its Dr. Elias and he's coming for those whom have been touched by the speed force, look out Iris.

Mark Buckingham  stated that with a new arc beginning in Fables #134 we will be seeing a whole lot of Bigby Wolf and Boy Blue. While in the Unwritten/ Fables non-crossover Frau Totenkinder gets the spotlight.

Derek Fridolfs  let us know that Comic Con will be coming to Li'l Gotham in issue #4 unfortunately someone can't get a pass, lets just say Batman is more like you and I then we knew.

Jeff Lemire  related that the new year would bring Green Arrow into conflict with the Outsiders having major ramifications for Oliver Queen. Also his Vertigo  series Trillium will be done in all watercolors. The floppy version will create a new flip book type format.

Tom Taylor  opened up that in Injustice Annual #1 will be starring Harley Quinn and she may decide to take her sledge hammer up against the likes of Lobo. While over on Earth 2 Taylor will continue to move in the direction that James Robinson and Nicola Scott had mapped out. Expect a lot of Batman in his first arc on the series.

And in closing may we be getting a new Doom Patrol series? Bob Wayne was pretty tight lipped when asked but boy did he have a big grin on his face.


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