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Interior preview page from Shazam #3
Blink twice if you've heard this one before: Our intrepid, heroic… young man? middle-aged wonder? It's hard to decide when it's about Shazam He's set for another round of cosmic monkey business in DC's bizarrely turned typical day at the office – Shazam #3 Hustle up, because it heads to comic stands this upcoming Tuesday,[...]
Interior preview page from Knight Terrors: Shazam #2
Knight Terrors: Shazam #2 slinks into comic shops this Tuesday, August 8th, and things are looking, well, terrifying Mary Marvel finds herself trapped in the Nightmare Realm, face-to-face with her worst fear— or so she thinks Turns out there's a new nightmare in town, ominously dubbed the 'Nightmare Captain.' Sounds intriguing? I barely stifled a[...]
Marvel and DC Comics
Like Identity Crisis. Or in Knight Terrors: The Flash #1 to Justice Society back issues.,, … or to The Final Knight. Mary Marvel in Knight Terrors: Shazam gets a personal run down of the Sleepless Knights as the superheroes of the DC Universe are transformed in their dreams. Zatanna goes up against those Sleepless Knights… While Mary Marvel's audience is[...]
Interior preview page from Knight Terrors: Shazam #1
Allow me to formally introduce you to Knight Terrors: Shazam #1, launching into comic book stores near you this Tuesday, July 11th. The official synopsis scavenges fresh depths of the psychological spelunking trend Billy Batson – aka the World's Mightiest Mortal – is now apparently being churned through the meat grinder of his own insecurities and[...]
Interior preview page from Shazam #2
Here it comes, folks: Shazam #2, hitting the shelves this Tuesday, June 6th Get ready for a godly showdown as Shazam faces off against Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury It's a classic tale – too many immortals in a room with one mortal, and who gets to play puppet-master extraordinaire? Honestly, I don't[...]
Knight Terrors Begins In This Week's Shazam (Spoilers)
The end of Shazam #1 by Mark Waid and Dan Mora, left Billy Batson in quite the pickle, losing it in front of the nation's cameras and smartphones. And the rest of the Batson family, in this week's Shazam #2 seem to agree with his shocked reaction. There are plenty of suggestions as to what went down[...]
Major Shazam And Superman Spoilers From DC Comics Today
and from those who purported to rule it. Apart from himself, of course. And in Adventures Of Superman: Jon Kent, set before those final days, with a living Jonathan Kent able to judge this version of his father, how will it go? Or will he be sent to the cornfield? While Mark Waid, writer of Irredeemable, is also[...]
DC Comics
As we have previously learned, the new name for Captain Marvel, Shazam or Billy Batson in his superhero form is now The Captain, as seen in this week's Shazam #1 from Mark Waid and Dan Mora. And with a talking tiger as housemaid/butler, how does a growing superhero keep the money coming in for a family[...]
Interior preview page from Shazam #1
Shazam, everyone's favorite modern-day magician, is taking a trip back in time in Shazam #1, coming to comic book stores on Tuesday, May 2nd Tired of smashing the same ol' supervillains, Shazam tackles the Jurassic period, courtesy of the World's Finest creators I mean, who wouldn't want to trade dealing with homicidal worms and talking[...]
DC Comics
This is what happens when Captain Marvel, I mean Shazam, I mean The Captain, I mean Billy Batson, doesn't have the Wisdom Of Solomon on his side From today's Lazarus Planet: Revenge Of The Gods #4. Lazarus Planet: Revenge Of The Gods #4 Solomon being one of the mystical figures that empower Shazam and handily make up[...]
DC Comics
At the end of The New Champion of Shazam!, Mary Marvel was looking for a new name Mary Batson can't be called Mary Marvel anymore due to trademark issues Captain Marvel (the DC version) had to be called Shazam In different times and realities, Mary Batson has been known as Captain Marvel, Black Mary, Sergeant[...]
Shazam Spoilers
As was pointed out a couple of months ago, Shazam is going to be known by those nearest and dearest as The Captain, or simply Cap'n, in a post-Lazarus Planet world in which saying that word Shazam will always make Billy Batson transform Though fewer than usual, now it's just Billy and Mary, the rest[...]
Billy Batson To Switch Gender in Lazarus Planet (Spoilers)
Lazarus Planet: Revenge Of The Gods continues the Damian Wayne/Monkey King crossover at DC Comics, looking at the futures of Wonder Woman, Shazam and more And Billy Batson, who is suffering his own lack of powers courtesy of the events of Lazarus Planet, gets a new look, if only for a magical moment. A gender switch,[...]
Shazam! Fury of the Gods - New Poster and Summary Released
Shazam! Fury Of The Gods opened in theaters on March 17th Three weeks later, you can now watch the film at home on Vudu In this era of tight windows as far as theatrical release and streaming, that is a pretty tight window So far, the film has only made a disappointing $54 million domestically[...]
Gail Simone Talks Up Mark Waid & Dan Mora's Shazam
Gail Simone has read an advance copy of the upcoming Shazam series from DC Comics, starring… okay, not Captain Marvel anymore Or Shazam But just… The Captain She posted to Twitter and Facebook saying So when I found out that one of the best DC writers of all time (Mark Waid) was doing a new book[...]
Shazam! Star Reveals the Role That Helped Her Prepare for the Sequel
For Shazam fans, it's time to face the music Shazam! Fury of the Gods is very likely the end of the Shazam! franchise in DC's current live-action lineup, so the recent sequel might be the last opportunity to see this group of quirky heroes under one film Primarily due to poor box office profit margins,[...]
DC Comics' Doom Patrol Criticises Batman For Not Being Woke
The Flash is a meta-human, his gene triggered by a chemical explosion, Shazam is not, his powers are granted by magic Over the years, it has been argued that even Batman counts as a meta-human, given all he can do. Especially when he took a dip in the Diosyium Pit, restoring his body to the peak[...]
Shazam! America's Greatest Comics #4 From 1943 Has Bid Of Just $6
Shazam! America's Greatest Comics was an anthology comic published by Fawcett in 1943 and featuring Fawcett's most popular characters, who were already appearing in other comics With 50% more pages (and fifty per cent more expensive), America's Greatest Comics lasted for eight issues but included many Fawcett characters, with Captain Marvel – now known as[...]
Wonder Woman’s Cameo Gets It's Own DC Multiverse McFarlane Figure 
McFarlane Toys has secretly dropped a brand new DC Multiverse figure from the recent film Shazam! Fury of the Gods Oddly enough, another member of the Shazam family did not make the cut, but Wonder Woman did At this rate, many fans know that Wonder Woman made a cameo appearance in the film McFarlane has[...]
Mary Marvel Strikes A Pose For Wow Comics #10 At Heritage Auctions
Mary Marvel is currently in theaters,a part of Shazam: Fury Of The Gods, and played by Grace Fulton But it was Fawcett Comics in the golden age that made the character famous and what she is today This is an iconic cover for the character, as she strikes a pose with lightning striking behind her[...]
Shazam! Fury of the Gods - New Poster and Summary Released
Shazam! Fury of the Gods is right around the corner, and as you may know, the film remains a bit of a question mark about DC's next hard-reset era from James Gunn and Peter Safran Until then, the film's director David F Sandberg is in the midst of promoting the Shazam! sequel and offering fans[...]
3 High-Quality Images From The First Shazam: Fury of the Gods Trailer
Shazam! is getting a sequel titled Shazam! Fury of the Gods which will be hitting theaters next week and potentially marking the end of an era for the titular hero That is if DC chooses to remove the character from their plans, helmed by James Gunn and Peter Safran Now, ahead of the film's release,[...]
Shazam! Fury of the Gods - New Poster and Summary Released
Shazam! Fury of the Gods is just around the corner, marking the official return to the timeline of the 2019 DC superhero flick Shazam! that's set to include an entire roster of returning characters from the first entry And with the current DC overhaul underway, the future beyond the second chapter of Shazam! is very[...]
Why Shazam Went To See A Paediatrician, Revealed (Spoilers)
Shazam: Fury Of The Gods is in cinemas in a couple of weeks and change This is why, today, DC Comics is publishing the long-delayed MG graphic novel Shazam: Thundercrack by Yehudi Mercado, as well as the ridiculously named Shazam: Fury Of The Gods: Shazamily Matters special, written by the actors in the movie Zachary Levi,[...]
Interior preview page from Shazam: Fury of the Gods Special - Shazamily Matters #1
Welcome to another comic book preview here at Bleeding Cool! This week we look at Shazam: Fury of the Gods Special – Shazamily Matters #1 Our friend the comics ouroboros strikes again as actors who play the characters in the movies based on the comics write new comics in this preview Joining me to comment[...]
Shazam! Fury of the Gods - New Poster and Summary Released
Maybe that is why the early box office numbers for Shazam! Fury of the Gods are not exactly stellar The numbers aren't terrible, $35M-$40M according to The Hollywood Reporter, but it is below what the first movie opened with That first film had a much more modest budget compared to this sequel, but if this[...]