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DC Comics Announces Pride Anthology, Pride Variant Covers for June

Bleeding Cool Rumourmonger-in-Chief Rich Johnston scooped plans by Marvel to launch a Marvel Voices: Pride book this June, but it looks like DC Comics has beaten Marvel to announcing their own DC Pride anthology on June 8th. Poor Marvel. Always the same-sex bridesmaid, never the same-sex bride.

The cover to DC Pride #1
The cover to DC Pride #1

We kid, of course. It's good that both Marvel and DC are looking to exploi– we mean, celebrate Pride Month with comics. According to a press release, DC Pride #1 will feature "characters from all corners of DC's ever-expanding Universe, including cameos by fan favorites Batwoman, Renee Montoya, Alan Scott, Midnighter, Apollo, Extraño, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Constantine, and more." The book will also feature profiles on the LGBTQIA+ characters in the DCTV Universe and the actors that play them. And in an added bonus, "fans of The CW's Supergirl will be thrilled to see the first comic book appearance of Dreamer, a trans woman superhero, in a story written by actor Nicole Maines, who plays Nia Nal/Dreamer on Supergirl." Marc Andreyko writes the forward to the book, and Kris Anka, Sophie Campbell, Mildred Louis, Travis Moore, Nick Robles and Kevin Wada, and others to be revealed later will contribute pin-ups. Jim Lee, Scott Williams, and Tamra Bonvillain provide the cover.

Here are the creative teams and stories for the DC Pride anthology:

  • Batwoman (Kate Kane) by James Tynion IV & Trung Le Nguyen
  • Poison Ivy & Harley Quinn by Mariko Tamaki & Amy Reeder
  • Midnighter by Steve Orlando & Stephen Byrne
  • Flash of Earth-11 (Jess Chambers) by Danny Lore & Lisa Sterle
  • Green Lantern (Alan Scott) & Obsidian by Sam Johns & Klaus Janson
  • Aqualad (Jackson Hyde) by Andrew Wheeler & Luciano Vecchio
  • Dreamer by Nicole Maines & Rachel Stott
  • Renee Montoya by Vita Ayala and Skylar Patridge
  • Pied Piper by Sina Grace, Ro Stein & Ted Brandt

As for the variants, here's the titles that will be graced by those:

  • Batman #109 Pride variant cover by Jen Bartel
  • Crush & Lobo #1 Pride variant cover by Yoshi Yoshitani
  • DC Pride #1 Pride variant cover by Jen Bartel
  • Harley Quinn #4 Pride variant cover by Kris Anka
  • Nightwing #81 Pride variant cover by Travis G. Moore
  • Superman #32 Pride variant cover by David Talaski
  • Teen Titans Academy #4 Pride variant cover by Stephen Byrne
  • Wonder Girl #2 Pride variant cover by Kevin Wada
  • Wonder Woman #773 Pride variant cover by Paulina Ganucheau

So break out those DC credit cards! Look or the DC Pride anthology in stores on June 8th. DC also promised more Pride announcements between now and June, so stay tuned.

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