DC Comics To Publish Batman/Wonder Woman Comic By Liam Sharp

Bleeding Cool had recently run teases from Liam Sharp about his upcoming comic book from DC Comics. And he has posted some intriguing artwork.

But what could it be? Well, if you've read the headline to this article you may have an inkling.

Well, spilling out of the Stan Lee Comic Con this past weekend in Los Angeles, comes the word that DC Comics is to publish a new Batman/Wonder Woman ongoing comic book series, teaming up Bruce Wayne and Diana, and yes, drawn by Liam Sharp. Who spent a very successful year drawing the ongoing Wonder Woman series, who has plenty of Batman experience to boot, has a Justice League crossover with Metal coming out this week and has this cover for Dark Nights: Metal spinoff Hawkman Lost on the schedule.

Expect Batman/Wonder Woman #1 in February 2017, so announced in the next few weeks. Batman and Wonder Woman have never shared a series together in this fashion, unlike Superman/Batman, Batman/Superman and Superman/Wonder Woman. The latter series saw Superman and Wonder Woman as a couple. What could this mean for Batman and Wonder Woman? I mean he's only just got engaged for goodness sake.

Hopefully not what it did for the recent Batman: The Merciless one-shot where we discovered that the Dark Knight of Metal from the dark multiversal parallel world was not only a Batman in love with Wonder Woman, who became the God Of War in an act of revenge for her death, but… (SPOILERS)

… actually caused her final death himself after putting on the helmet of War, and discovering that she was still alive.

But while we are waiting, here's a solicitation for Liam's work from this week's Justice League #32.

(W) Robert Venditti, Joshua Williamson (A) Liam Sharp (CA) Ethan Van Sciver
A METAL tie-in! "BATS OUT OF HELL" part two! The Justice League have been separated by the dreaded Dark Knights and are forced into twisted Bat-Caves designed to kill them! The Batman Who Laughs and the Murder Machine experiment on Cyborg, seeing how he reacts to the horrors of the Dark Multiverse! Can the Justice League survive their worst nightmares made real?!  In Shops: Nov 01, 2017


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