DC To Publish The Two Cancelled Issues Of Kamandi, The Last Boy On Earth Forty Years On


Kamandi, The Last Boy On Earth was cancelled in 1978 with issue 59. The completed-bit-unpublished issues, #60 and #61 were published in an internally distributed magazine, Cancelled Comics Cavalcade #2 to ensure copyright ownership.

The upcoming Kamandi Challenge Special #1 is published to coincide with DC's Kamanda Challenge to creators. It reprints Kamandi #32, one of the final issues by its creator Jack Kirby, as well as Mike Royer and D. Bruce Berry, and the character's origin from Kamandi #1 as well as the map of the Earth from the series.

Well, it's now being joined by those unpublished issues, Kamandi #60 and #61 written by Jack C. Harris with art by Dick Ayers and Danny Bulanadi.

The Kamandi Challenge Special #1 has jumped from 64 pages to 96, from $4.99 to $7.99 and from January 4th to January 18th to accommodate retailers who which to amend their orders…


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