Death of Doctor Strange to Have Serious Mommy Issues in November

Daddy issues. All the best superheroes have got them. Batman? Dad was killed outside a movie theater, then came back from another dimension and tried to take over his role as Batman. Superman? Dad kidnapped his son, brought him to space, almost got him killed, and brought him back fully aged up to a teenager. Wonder Woman? Her dad is Zeus. 'Nuff said. The Hulk? Dad is literally the devil. It's clear that, when it comes down to it, what truly makes a superhero a superhero is their daddy issues. But what about mommy issues? Can't superheroes have mommy issues as well? Well, Batman has got those two. Damian Wayne has got them. And with The Death of Doctor Strange #3, in stores in November, the entire Marvel Universe has now got them!

The Death of Doctor Strange #3 is titled The Three Mothers and features a new team of villains who are pretty freaking pissed you haven't called them lately. A press release from goes into more detail:

Designed by series artist Lee Garbett, this deadly trio are unlike any the Marvel Universe has encountered before: the Wyrd, an alien mage-priestess; the Crown, a powerful warrior-queen; and the Crawling, a monstress composed of acid-mouthed worms. Will they be the Marvel Universe's undoing? And were they the ones who killed Stephen Strange?! In the vein of the Thanos' legendary Black Order, don't dare miss the debut of the next great Marvel villain team!

No, that's okay. Go ahead and miss the debut of the Three mothers if you want to. All they did was give birth to you and sacrifice their entire lives to make you happy. But they wouldn't want you to go out of your way or anything.

In addition to The Death of Doctor Strange #3, Marvel also announced two extraneous tie-ins for the super-mega-crossover event:

Written by Jed MacKay with art by Marcelo Ferreira, DEATH OF DOCTOR STRANGE: SPIDER-MAN #1 will reveal that Doctor Strange had a last request for Spider-Man in case of his death, but will current Spider-Man Ben Reilly be up to the task? And is Black Cat tagging along to keep an eye on Ben or to sabotage him?

Writer Alyssa Wong will team up with artist Andie Tong in DEATH OF DOCTOR STRANGE: WHITE FOX #1 which will see Ami Han, the last of the mystical shape-shifting Kumiho, tested like never before. In the wake of Doctor Strange's death, a mysterious threat with dark ties to White Fox's origin will surface to reveal shocking secrets about White Fox's origin and change her future forever. This startling one-shot will also guest star Sword Master and Tiger Division and will lay to the groundwork for exciting upcoming stories starring these heroes.

The Death of Doctor Strange #3 is written by Jed MacKay with art by Lee Garbett. Check out the mothers and covers below.

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