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Cover image for DEFENDERS #2 (OF 5)
Many heroes also suffer from mommy issues Look, it's not a lifetime of stability and positive adjustment that leads one to put on a spandex costume and beat the crap out of mentally ill criminals But what kind of mommy issues would cause someone to become a devourer of planets? That's a question we may[...]
Wonder Woman #778 is in stores from DC Comics on Tuesday, and the solicit for the issue reveals that Diana will need to overcome some major mommy issues But hey, all the best superheroes have them, so it's all good More importantly, this preview reveals Diana faces another kind of trouble: mummy issues! Check out[...]
Death of Doctor Strange to Have Serious Mommy Issues in November
But what about mommy issues? Can't superheroes have mommy issues as well? Well, Batman has got those two Damian Wayne has got them And with The Death of Doctor Strange #3, in stores in November, the entire Marvel Universe has now got them! The Death of Doctor Strange #3 is titled The Three Mothers and features[...]