Did They Really Just Do That To Lois Lane In Superwoman? SPOILERS, Thunderbolts #1 Bait And Switch Style

So Lois Lane is the new Superwoman. We have been told this for a while now. It has been quite a journey from this…

…to this.

Image (30) Image (31)

Of course. she's been here before.


And knows it.

Image (32)

But this time at least she has company.

Image (19)That's right mystery person, who may or may not be Mr Oz, spying on them, who may or may not be Ozymandias…

Image (21a)

That's right Lex Luthor. And if Lois Lane's powers are Superman-traditional, Lana Lang's powers are a little more complex.

Image (20)Oh no, she's Electric Superwoman…

Which also means we have Lana Lang and Lois Lane as Superwoman and Lex Luthor, Clark Ken,  dead Clark Kent and Kenji Kong as Superman – and another Clark Kent as Clark Kent. And another Lois Lane. In case you were making a tally.

Oh look and there's a possible third Superwoman thrown into the mix as well.

Clearly Marvel thinks it can do things in twos, DC Comics prefers threes and fours.

Well that all seems to end with the end of this issue.

Image (33)

Which asks the question – could they really have introduced this Lois Lane as Superwoman, to kill her off just as her own Clark Kent was killed off, leaving one Lois Lane and one (okay two but not three) Clark Kents for the DC Rebirth?

And baiting and switching so Lana Lang is the new Superwoman going forward? And only her? Future solicitations for Superwoman wouldn't contradict that… they all talk about Superwoman. Not Lois Lane.


Guys and gals, I don't think this was a fake cliffhanger. The New 52 Lois Lane, now and forever, is dead. Her words about Clark's experience bond it to that death rather than any other.


Phil Jimenez, you brave person in this day of online outrage….

Expect orders for issue 2 to rocket into the stratosphere.




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