Donald Trump Put a $1500 Tariff on Mark Brooks' SDCC Sketchbook

Everyone is familiar with Donald Trump's escalating trade war with China, but has the president opened up a new front at San Diego Comic-Con? According to one famous comic book artist, Trump's tariffs may be hitting Americans right where it hurts: in the comic books!

Superstar artist Mark Brooks took to Facebook to lament a large price increase on orders of the sketchbook he's planning to bring to San Diego Comic-Con this July.

"Just got notice that the trade war between the US and China has added an additional $1500 to the price on ordering my new sketchbook," Brooks posted on Facebook. "We'd already paid for them and now have to send additional tariff funds in order to have them for SDCC."

"Some people think this trade war only effects the competing governments but the truth is that we're all going to be the ones paying for this bullshit," he added.

President Trump is no stranger to the world of comics. He seems to have a fascination with the supervillain Bane, quoting his words from Dark Knight Rises in his speeches. Additionally, Trump is good friends with Ike Perlmutter, the Chairman of Marvel Comics, who has financially supported his rise to power through campaign donations. Would Trump change his mind about hitting China with tariffs if he knew it was potentially hurting the business of his good friend?

San Diego Comic-Con begins on July 18th this year. Will other comic book artists attending the convention see their expenses raised due to tariffs? We'll be sure to continue monitoring the social media pages of comics celebrities so we can be the first to let you know.


Donald Trump Put a $1500 Tariff on Mark Brooks' SDCC Sketchbook

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