Donny Cates And Eliot Rahal Bring Bad Eggs Back To Valiant. Also, The Goddamned Eternal Warrior


Unity #25 is out from Valiant next week, and there is plenty of preview art out there. We've managed to compile all that we can. But one page stuck out for me.

From the Old Man Warrior strip by Donny Cates, Eliot Rahal, Bat Sears, Andrew Dalhouse and Taylor Esposito.





And I'm not just talking about the Frank Miller All-Star Eternal Warrior line…

But rathr the return of some rather familiar dinosaurs.



It's The Bad Eggs, folks. Remember?


Back from the Valiant Acclaim days, the teenage dinosaurs with a penchant for trouble…63c97ca66363d4eb29ea17861de272fb

And now they are back! Here's a look at some of the other pages…

UNITY_025_001 UNITY_025_002 UNITY_025_003 UNITY_025_004 UNITY_025_005 UNITY_025_006 UNITY_025_007 UNITY-025-003-11515 UNITY-025-004-840ab UNITY-025-005-ec2bc UNITY-025-006-e1889 UNITY-025-007-54cb2 UNITY-025-008-3d699 UNITY-025-009-39d9f UNITY-025-010-b8555 UNITY-025-011-21514


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