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Valiant High #1 cover by David LaFuente and Brian Reber
There are the jocks, the nerds, the losers, and the scary principal, and the coach overprotective of his football team. There is a joke in seeing which characters get assigned which role, but it does feel like characters like Aric, Bloodshot, Eternal Warrior, and Ninjak are being pushed and crammed into their respective roles Plus, the[...]
Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe #4 cover Brian Level
I've been reading Valiant for a bit, but it still surprised me how cavalier Bloodshot, Ninja-K, the Eternal Warrior, and Manowar are with just slaughtering henchmen wholesale It also clashes with the somewhat classical heroism the overall story seems to be reaching towards. So, it can't balance a steady tone Is it still fun? Yeah, and[...]
Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe #2 cover by Kevin Wada
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Ninjak (or Ninja-K) washes up on a river bank with his prize, and he makes his way to a nearby warehouse. Elsewhere, Livewire approaches the Eternal Warrior to plead that he won't kill Ninjak Unfortunately, Bloodshot is already closing in on Colin King X-O Manowar isn't too far behind. Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe #2 cover[...]
Dave Bautista
Following hot on the heels of news that Jared Leto is in talks to star in Valiant's Bloodshot movie, another big name has been connected with the publisher's cinematic universe. Guardians of the Galaxy star and former WWE wrestler Dave Bautista appears to be up for the role of Eternal Warrior, according to a very reliable[...]
Rapture And Eternal Warrior: Awakening Get Ninjak Vs The Valiant Universe Covers
These will be appearing from May through August and including Ninjak, Bloodshot, Eternal Warrior, Livewire, Armstrong, and more. Directed by Aaron & Sean Schoenke of Bat in the Sun Productions – the creators of the YouTube series Super Power Beat Down – and written by Aaron Schoenke, Sean Schoenke, and Joe Harris, Ninja Vs[...]
Valiant Show New Footage From Ninjak vs. The Valiant Universe – Wondercon 2017
Benny complimented the recent Valiant reboot and said he "loves the idea of a universe that just started without 60 years of history." Gorinson showed off a video Benny released last year as part of his "Quickie" series, a two minute, animated introduction to Archer and Armstrong.  Before moving to the far end of the table[...]
Sword Of The Valiant – How Gilad Anni-Padda Fills The Role Of Sir Gawain
So, it should be too surprising to see that Valiant is bringing one of the classic stories, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, into their universe… but as told using the Immoral Brothers – Armstrong, Eternal Warrior and Ivar the Timewalker – in a one-shot special by Fred Van Lente and Cary Nord. It's winter at[...]
Rapture And Eternal Warrior: Awakening Lead Valiant's Full Solicitations For May 2017
This includes the debut issues of Rapture by Matt Kindt and Cafu and Eternal Warrior: Awakening by Robert Venditti and Renato Guedes. X-O MANOWAR (2017) #3 Written by MATT KINDT Art by TOMÁS GIORELLO Cover A by LEWIS LAROSA Cover B by KENNETH ROCAFORT Interlocking Variant Cover by MICO SUAYAN X-O Manowar Icon Variant by DAVID MACK Their[...]
X-O Manowar, Shadowman And The Eternal Warrior Join Guardian Hunter: Super Brawl
In a deal with Valiant Entertainment, the game is adding X-O Manowar, Shadowman and The Eternal Warrior to it's cast of characters. X-O Manowar has already been added with other Valiant characters joining in as November progresses Shadowman on the 17th and the Eternal Warrior on the 25th. Samples of the game play can be seen below.[...]
Can The Internet Handle Cat Cosplay Covers?
#3 (of 4) BRITANNIA #4 (of 4) DIVINITY III: STALINVERSE #1 (of 4) FAITH #6 GENERATION ZERO #5 HARBINGER RENEGADES #2  NINJAK #22 SAVAGE #2 (of 4) WRATH OF THE ETERNAL WARRIOR #14 A portion of the proceeds from all VALIANT CAT COSPLAY covers sold will benefit the Brooklyn Animal Rescue Coalition (BARC), a New York-based non-profit that operates a beloved, no-kill shelter for[...]
Ninjak And Eternal Warrior Continue Their Team Up
With all the recent talk lately about Ninjak and the upcoming webseries with Michael Rowe and how it will have many of the Valiant characters including the Eternal Warrior… its interesting that in the comics right now we are getting The Fist & The Steel which features a team up between Colin King and Gilad[...]
Ninjak Time Jumps For Team Up With Eternal Warrior
The new story from Matt Kindt and Khari Evans features Ninjak teaming up with the Eternal Warrior in an arc called The Fist & The Steel… but it takes place in the future with a much older Colin King Gilad Anni-Padda tracks down the former MI-6 operative to help hunt one of Ninjak's old foes,[...]
Trapped Brothers And A Bottle Of Lagavulin
The Eternal Warrior is going up against the Dying One inside of the Labyrinth while Archer & Armstrong are going up against Bacchus as they try to find the missing bottle of Lagavulin and escape Armstrong's bag The fact that Armstrong and the Eternal Warrior are brothers makes me wonder if Ivar, the third brother,[...]
Valiant May 2016 Solicitations Take Us To 4001 A.D.
of tomorrow! ________________________________________ 4001 A.D.: X-O MANOWAR #1 Written by ROBERT VENDITTI Art by CLAYTON HENRY Cover A by CAFU Cover B by PHIL JIMENEZ Character Design Variant by MATT KINDT Interlocking Mega-Cover Variant by RYAN LEE ROCKETING OUT OF THE PAGES OF 4001 A.D…the present and future of Valiant's #1 hero come together for an essential standalone chapter at the[...]
Valiant Give Away Full-Size Battle Axes To Comic Stores
DC has cardboard-cutout masks, plastic rings and newspapers. Marvel has build-your-own cardboard Iron Man… Well, now Valiant is giving away full-blown axes with their comics, to comic stores. Seriously   Valiant will be sending customised battle axes to comic stores to promote the launch of Wrath Of The Eternal Warrior #1 by Robert Venditti and newly exclusive artist Raul Allen in advance of the first[...]
Live! From The #ValiantSummit At Twitter Headquarters In San Francisco (UPDATE)
It's the story of the Eternal Warrior, who protects the guiding forces of the Geomancers, who shepherd humanity The Eternal Enemy keeps destroying the Geomancers and flaunting his success over The Eternal Warrior In The Valiant, a new Geomancer is attacked, and there's an "Empire Strikes Back" moment We don't know if the Eternal Warrior[...]
Valiant Reveals Harbinger, Eternal Warrior, Archer & Armstrong and More? – FCBD Spoilers
Well, 2015 is no different and, fresh off the news of their Bloodshot/Harbinger/Harbinger Wars five picture plan at Sony, the publisher is releasing the Valiant 25th Anniversary Special into stores tomorrow… …and, surprise surprise, it's packed with some pretty good indicators of what we'll be seeing from them in the months to come… Spoilers on! First up, we[...]
Timewalker, Armstrong And The Eternal Warrior Join Together To Break History
The story features Timewalker and his brothers Armstrong and the Eternal Warrior plus The Lurker. Dr Neela Sethi, the inventor of time travel has been captured by her evil future-self (because…time travel) and imprisoned at the end of the time! As the Big Crunch rapidly unmakes the universe around her, Neela faces a choice that may give[...]
44 Thoughts About 44 Of Today's Comics – Chew, Crossed, Angela, Tooth & Claw, Thanos Vs. Hulk, Weapon X Project, Justice League 3000, Nailbter, Futures End, Dark Gods, Fairy Quest, Escape From New York,  Jennifer Blood, Shaft, Earth 2, Batman Eternal, Hellboy, Woods, Garfield, Robocop, Extinction Parade, Uber, Evil Empire Uncle Grampa, Adventure Time, Chaos, Chastity, Cloaks, Fiction Squad, Ash In Soace Death Of Apollo, The Shadow, Vampirella, Dryspell, Jack Hammer, Fight Like A Girl, Shinobi, Planet Gigantic, Grimm's Tales Of Terror, Rai, Sixth Gun, Eternal Warrior, Quantum & Woody And Wasteland
His dad on the other hand… Eternal Warrior: Days Of Steel #2 should really learn not to doubt the word of a mysterious hooded man in the shadows They have a tendency to always be right There is probably a causal link between lower light levels and increased reliability. Valiant-Sized Quantum And Woody #1 features a visit to[...]
47 Thoughts About 46 Comics – Axis, Game Of Thrones, Superman Unchained, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Bloodshot, Suicide Risk, Fairy Quest, Garfield, Fiction Squad, Hulk, American Legends, Artifacts, Life After Logan, Weapon X Program, Dr Mirage, Regular Show, Eternal Warrior, Woods, Empty Man, God Hates Astronauts, Ghost Fleet, Day Men, Gotham Academy, Amazing World Of Gumball, Grayson, Over The Garden Wall, Real Heroes, Nailbiter, Velvet, Cloaks, Futures End, Penny Dora, Lil Vampirella, Detective Comics, Action Comics, Green Arrow, Lobo, Turok, Robocop, Worlds End, Chew, John Carter, Blood Queen, Jennifer Blood And Solar
Still he managed to get them all without having any money, so there are skills there, straight from Fiction Squad #2. Eternal Warrior: Days Of Steel #1 treats us to philosophy at the end of a point of a knife, or axe I don't know about you but I'd feel very truthful at that point I[...]
First Look At The Valiant By Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt And Paolo Rivera
In the piece you will see Bloodshot, Geomancer, and Eternal Warrior to name a few – but the series is said to feature virtually every Valiant hero introduced thus far over the course of the four-issue series. The Eternal Warrior has protected the Earth for more than 10,000 years A master of countless weapons and long forgotten[...]