Doomsday Clock to Arrive Early – But Only The Second Printing, and Half of the Collection

Bleeding Cool has been foremost in announcing delays to Doomsday Clock over the past few months, usually about half an hour before Newsarama suddenly totally discovers the exact same thing, totally independently. It's like magic or something.

Anyway, just as Doomsday Clock #10 and #11 suddenly stop having their schedules rearranged and it looks as if, yes, they may now actually be published when DC Comics says they are going to be, so the Doomsday Clock #4 second printing does something most unexpected. It is shipping a week early, on the 8th of May rather than the 15th.

It is joined in that endeavour by Detective Comics #1001 second printing and Naomi #4 second printing, also turning up in stores a week early on the 8th.

A couple of weeks ago, we also mentioned that it looked as if DC Comics would be dropping the November-scheduled Doomsday Clock collection – and with #11 for August, it was looking rather tight. The Amazon listing has now been kicked into the long grass (or 2080) and instead we are getting a Part One Hardcover, with the first 6 issues scheduled for October.

Here's a look at the new solicitation.

The critically acclaimed sequel to the best-selling Watchmen written by master storytellers Geoff Johns and Gary Frank! As the Doomsday Clock ticks toward midnight, the DC Universe will collide with its greatest threat: Dr. Manhattan. But nothing is hidden from Manhattan, and the secrets of the past, present and future will leave ramifications on our heroes lives forever.

The world of Watchmen collides with the DC Universe in the most shocking story in DC history! Something is amiss in the DC Universe. Following the events of DC Universe: Rebirth and Batman/The Flash: The Button, Geoff Johns (Flashpoint, Justice League, DC Universe: Rebirth) and Gary Frank (Batman: Earth One, Shazam!, DC Universe: Rebirth) reunite to rewrite the past and future of the DC Universe in a story hailed as a masterpiece!

Seven years after the events of Watchmen, Adrian Veidt has been exposed as the murderer of millions. Now a fugitive, he has come up with a new plan to save his once-adoring world: find Dr. Manhattan. Alongside a new Rorschach and the deadly Mime and Marionette, he arrives in the DC Universe and finds it on the brink of collapse. International tensions are running rampant with The Supermen Theory implicating the U.S. government in creating superhumans to maintain global dominance! But what is Dr. Manhattan doing in the DC Universe? And how is he related to the events of DC Universe: Rebirth and Batman/The Flash: The Button? Collects Doomsday Clock #1-6

And the recoloured second printing covers:


Doomsday Clock to Arrive Early - But Only The Second PrintingDoomsday Clock to Arrive Early - But Only The Second Printing Doomsday Clock to Arrive Early - But Only The Second Printing

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