Dreams Are Limitless In Donald And Mickey: The Persistence Of Mickey

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"The Persistence of Mickey is a collection of stories (including the titular one, beautifully illustrated by Giorgio Cavazzano) that span the ages, and some amazing authors.

There's a lot to cover in this book, but I think the most important story to go over is the first one. The main trio (Mickey, Donald and Goofy) are created in homage to how they originally looked. The detail to 1940's California, including the Burbank Animation studio, is spot on.


When the trio wind up in a Salvador Dali painting…well you get the idea. Cavazzano knows how to create believable worlds and pays attention to detail. The Easter Eggs he plants throughout the story are fantastic (keep an eye out for Oswald). Writer Roberto Gagnor has won my heart over with this story.


For those of you who aren't up to snuff on Disney history, Dali and Walt had a working friendship. Dali had actually laid out the work for a Disney animated movie that was lost to time until a few years ago. While it is a whimsical tale of the main three falling into a Dali painting, the overall tone of the story is hope. It's an absolutely uplifting story, and moved me to tears. Perhaps I'm forever and a day a hopeful romantic Disney fan (I am) but reading "…and dreams are limitless–forever a blank slate to design and create." made my eyes swell with tears.


There's also a one page comic in here by Walt himself, "Bucky Bug in Cocoon Soon". The whole point of the story is to not judge a book by it's cover, or "It's hard to tell what's in a can by merely looking at the label". Disney was a master at creating themes that spoke to both children and adults alike. This one page story is a good reminder for all of us to be a little kinder, and to keep that childlike wonder about us.

I like the overall theme of this book. It's uplifting and inspiring, and excellent for kids and adults alike. Mickey is portrayed at the never changing good guy, with Donald Duck as his opposite. Goofy of course is just goofy, but we can't fault him for that.

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