Dynamite Adds 4 Exclusive Print Comics To Pathfinder Humble Bundle

With two days to go in their Pathfinder Worldscape Humble Bundle that was kicked off on the 11th of January, Dynamite and Paizo have just added a $25 dollar tier that includes 4 exclusive printed comics. This new top tier includes all the digital comics, strategy guides, campaigns and game maps as the lower tiers and throws in the four printed exclusive comics that won't be available in stores. The $25 doesn't include shipping & handling.

Over 21,000 of these bundles have been sold with part of the proceeds going to Camden's Concert (benefiting Cystic Fibrosis research) and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund or another charity of your choice.

To check out the bundle, click here.

Red Sonja Worldscape Special
"Dungeon Queen of Mars"

On a special mission for the Council of Jungle Kings, Red Sonja, Cave Girl, and King Rex explore a death-goddess dungeon imported directly from Barsoom. The trio must work together to escape alive with a religious icon of Issus, Goddess of Death and Life Eternal, to use as a bargaining chip in the grim political war of the Worldscape! Weird technology, degenerate Martian savages, deadly traps, and unexpected enemies combine in a story written by Pathfinder Publisher and Pathfinder Worldscape main series author Erik Mona! Contains a bonus Pathfinder RPG appendix and poster map!worldscaperedsonja

John Carter of Mars Worldscape Special
"Rebels Without a Planet"

John Carter and Tars Tarkas suddenly find themselves speeding across the Worldscape skies in a Barsoomian scout flier in this bonus tale of their first adventure together in the mysterious Worldscape. After an encounter with a vicious red dragon, the two heroes of Mars crash land in a dangerous jungle filled with monsters and the greatest warriors of three worlds, plucked from time and space to battle each other to the death! But John Carter's warlike ways began long before his first adventures on Barsoom, and an old foe from the American Civil War is more than happy to make Carter's acquaintance once again. Old scores are settled at last in a new tale by Pathfinder Publisher and Pathfinder Worldscape main series author Erik Mona! Contains a bonus Pathfinder RPG appendix and poster map!worldscapejohncarter

Tarzan Worldscape Special
"Forest of Nightmares"

The Lord of the Jungle travels to the interdimensional Worldscape and clashes head-on with the original feral heroes of mythology—the demigods Romulus and Remus! Tarzan must dare the Worldscape's perils, braving the Forest of Nightmares to free his friends from slavery and seek his destiny. The Lord of the Jungle meets the world of Pathfinder in this epic crossover by Pathfinder senior editor Christopher Paul Carey (Blood of Ancient Opar)! Contains a bonus Pathfinder RPG appendix and poster map!worldscapelordofthejungle

Pathfinder Worldscape Special
"King of the Goblins"

Pathfinder's iconic anti-hero, Seltyiel, has been drawn into the magical Worldscape, where the greatest heroes and villains of three worlds do battle for the amusement of unknown forces. Unfortunately for him, however, whatever magic brought him here also brought four trouble-prone goblins, and these lost members of the Leechlegs Tribe waste no time in electing him their chief. Together with his unwanted band of madcap monsters, Seltyiel must face off against two of Earth's most sinister figures in order to find a way back home. Now if only his allies were a little more helpful… A bonus Pathfinder Worldscape adventure from Paizo Creative Director and novelist James L. Sutter (Pathfinder: Hollow Mountain)! Contains a bonus Pathfinder RPG appendix and poster map.worldscapegoblinking

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