Paizo Debuts One-Shot Pathfinder Adventures With Sundered Waves
Paizo has introduced a new type of digital adventure to their tabletop RPGs with the One-Shot, and has started with a new one for Pathfinder One-Shot adventures have been designed to provide a single-session adventure that will fill roughly 3-4 hours of gameplay for a standard adventuring party Give or take a couple of players[...]
Paizo Drops Nine New Releases For Pathfinder, Starfinder, & More
Paizo revealed this week that they have released nine new additions to both Pathfinder and Starfinder for you to enjoy The company has been hard at work making new content for both franchises, especially capitalizing on Second Edition of Pathfinder as the new version is bringing in a new slew of players We have a[...]
Paizo Has Launched The Pathfinder Guns & Gears Playtest
Paizo has launched a brand new playtest for content in Second Edition as you can now try out the new Guns & Gears content For those who have been wondering when they can get back to using an array of proper firearms, this is your chance as the game will be experimenting with these revised[...]
Humble Bundle Is Offering Up Pathfinder Monster Lore By Paizo
This month, Humble Bundle is offering up a special Pathfinder book from Paizo as you can snag Monster Lore This is basically a chance for hardcore players of the franchise to get a ton of resources in a PDF format for super cheap as Humble Bundle likes to do special package deals depending on how[...]
Pathfinder For Savage Worlds Will Go To Kickstarter
After being announced last month, Paizo and Pinnacle Entertainment Group will be taking Pathfinder For Savage Worlds to Kickstarter It looks like the two companies have decided that instead of just creating a bunch of content for the mashup of their two properties, they're going to see just how much interest there actually is out[...]
Paizo Reveals A New Beginner Box For Pathfinder
Paizo has revealed a brand new product for the holidays as players can snag a new Pathfinder Beginner Box to help get into the game This box has been designed to be an entry point for people who either haven't experience the game in general or those who have yet to try out Second Edition[...]
Starfinder's Interactive Adventure On Amazon Gets Three New Episodes
Amazon and Paizo have released three new episodes today for the interactive Starfinder adventure currently on Alexa Back in August, the two companies released Episodes 1-3 featuring Nathan Fillion (The Rookie, Castle, Firefly) and Laura Bailey (Critical Role, Marvel's Avengers, The Last of Us Part II) in the main roles as you explore a choose-your-own-adventure through an interactive audiobook[...]
Future Friends Games To Release Stilstand On August 27th
Earlier this month, Amazon and Paizo came together to release an audio choose-your-own-adventure Starfinder game featuring Nathan Fillion The concept is pretty awesome as you will listen to the story and make choices, which will affect the outcome of the situations you're in and guide the story as an interactive book The company released the[...]
Amazon Launches A New Starfinder Interactive Audio Game
Amazon has teamed up with Paizo to release a brand new interactive audio game based in the Starfinder universe using Alexa The game has three episodes that you can play immediately, featuring the voice talents of Nathan Fillion and Laura Bailey, among others You can play the game using any Alexa-enabled device, including Amazon Echo,[...]
Paizo Brings The Heat With Multiple New GenCon Releases
Making a huge showing this year is Paizo, the role-playing game company best known for their fantasy RPG Pathfinder and its science-fiction sister game, Starfinder Here is just a taste of the fifteen(!!!) releases that Paizo has offered for GenCon 2020. Paizo's Advanced Player's Guide for the second edition of their famous fantasy Role-playing game, Pathfinder. First off, and[...]
Paizo's July Solicitations Announced For Starfinder Tabletop RPG
Tabletop gaming design company Paizo has announced their July solicitations for their various games! Yesterday we covered the solicitations for their fantasy role-playing game Pathfinder, and today we will be discussing the solicitations for Starfinder, their science-fiction RPG. The cover art for Starfinder's newest Adventure module, The Cradle Infestation, for their current Adventure Path, Threefold Conspiracy. Threefold Conspiracy's Newest[...]
Gaming Company Paizo Announces Game Solicitations For July
Tabletop gaming company Paizo, known best for its role-playing games Pathfinder and Starfinder, announced its list of solicitations for the month of July Among these solicitations include a new Adventure for the Pathfinder: Extinction Curse Adventure Path, as well as new Spell Decks for casters in the game! The cover art for Paizo's newest Adventure for the[...]
Pathfinder: Kingmaker Definitive Edition Coming To Consoles
To that end, its release includes the core game and all of the downloadable content associated with it. Key art for Pathfinder: Kingmaker Definitive Edition, an upcoming game by Owlcat Games and Deep Silver in conjunction with Paizo. Tabletop gaming company Paizo's hit role-playing game Pathfinder hits a video-gaming market with Pathfinder: Kingmaker This role-playing game's definitive edition[...]