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Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti's Humble Bundle For Big Fluffy Animals
The PaperFilms team of Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti are doing a major Humble Bundle deal with a digital collection of PaperFilms stories and issues at a major discount Designed to help get Paperfilms books out to whole new audiences and raising money for the World Wildlife Fund in the process. Jimmy Palmiotti says, "This package[...]
Dynamite's Latest Humble Bundle: Epic Art Books at a Discount for Charity
Ah, another day, another shamelessly discounted art extravaganza, carefully crafted to entrap your hard-earned cash! That's right folks, Dynamite Entertainment has teamed up with Humble Bundle to bring you a glorious cornucopia of digital art books that showcase the creative genius of comic book legends and iconography of classic video games And to ease your[...]
Humble Bundle Launches Kodansha 2022 Anime Recap Manga Bundle
Kodansha USA and Humble Bundle have teamed up again to spotlight fan-favorite manga series that made the leap into anime this year with the Kodansha 2022 Anime Recap Humble Bundle Featuring such anime-inspiring series as Blue Lock, Ya Boy Kongming!, Tokyo Mew Mew, A Couple of Cuckoos & more, this latest Humble Bundle lets fans[...]
The Dynamite 30th Anniversary Humble Bundle and 5 Free Comics for You
Dynamite is celebrating 30 years by offering a seismic butt ton of comics in its latest collaboration with Humble Bundle For a minimum contribution of eighteen bucks, you can gain access to over 5,000 pages and about $375 of digital comics, including, according to the press release, "The Boys, Vampirella, Red Sonja, and beloved licenses[...]
Bleeding Cool Gives You The Boys: Herogasm For Free
Dynamite Entertainment launched their biggest Humble Bundle of late, The Boys Meeting Dynamite's Girls of Comics A digital download of three hundred comics totalling 10,000 pages, sold at 96% off cover price,  and raising money for The World Central Kitchen, which is also helping out with the war in Ukraine To help promote the deal,[...]
Humble Manga Bundle “School of Rebels” to Benefit The Trevor Project
Humble Bundle and Kodansha have teamed up to release its newest manga bundle, titled "School of Rebels by Kodansha," with proceeds from the sales going to The Trevor Project This comes in time for Pride Month. "School of Rebels," graphic: Humble Bundle This Humble Bundle is available from now until July 7, 2022 It features $1,273 worth[...]
Humble Bundle Offers Up Sid Meier's Ultimate Collection Bundle
Humble Bundle revealed a brand new bundle this week for charity as they are selling off a ton of Sid Meier titles in one Ultimate Collection From now until March 9th, you can snag over two decades worth of video games from this very specific collection, where you can obtain $471 worth of games from[...]
Humble Bundle Has Released The VR Discovery Bundle For Charity
Humble Bundle revealed a brand new bundle that they're selling for VR fans as you can snag the VR Discovery Bundle to support a charity As it is with most of the HB offerings, you have a chance to snag several games at once at a cheap discount on all of them, with the proceeds[...]
The Epic Gamess Store Has Added The New Humble App
Humble Bundle announced this week they've partnered with Epic Games to bring the Humble App over to the Epic Games Store The move will give players on the platform an option to access the Humble Games Collection, so those of you using the system will be able to immediately access the games through the EGS[...]
Humble Bundle & Fxck Cancer Partner For New Bundle
Humble Bundle has partnered up with Fxck Cancer to present a brand new bundle of games this month to help benefit the organization As you may already be aware, Humble Bundle puts together special packages of games and other items which you can buy at a super low discount altogether, with the proceeds from that[...]
Humble Bundle Updates Its Humble Choice Plus System
Humble Bundle revealed today that they are giving their Humble Choice Plus system a bit of an upgrade and a change of pace in titles The first major change to the system is that the subscription price will now be a fixed price, and it will be set at $11.99 So now it doesn't matter[...]
Humble Bundle Launches Ed Brubaker
Humble Bundle has partnered up with Image Comics for a special Ed Brubaker-themed fundraiser featuring several comic book titles Several of his comic books are being put up for an incredible sale on their website, all of them being sold digitally, with proceeds going toward charitable efforts Like a lot of Humble Bundle's systems, depending[...]
Monogatari: Nisioisin's Works in New Humble Bundle Offering
Monogatari, Japanese light novel author Nisioisin's highly popular series that spawned manga and anime spinoffs, has a Humble Bundle starting today Humble Bundle and Kodansha have teamed up to release an epic bundle of manga books by Nisioisin, including the Monogatari series. Image: Humble Bundle, Kodansha "Nisioisin" is a pseudonym and palindrome for the novelist, manga-ka, and[...]
Dark Horse Launches Humble Bundle For A Lot Of Kazuo Koike Written Manga
Dark Horse and Humble Bundle announced a bundle of Kazuo Koike written manga today The bundle appears to contain everything Koike wrote that Dark Horse has the rights to, except New Lone Wolf & Cub. Courtesy of Dark Horse and Humble Bundle It turns out Dark Horse has the rights to quite a bit The Kazuo Koike[...]
Humble Bundle Releases Sonic The Hedgehog Anniversary Package
Humble Bundle has partnered up with SEGA to release a special Sonic The Hedgehog 30th Anniversary Bundle all in the name of charity The company is yet again gathering up several titles into one comprehensive package and offering them up as a special deal with their proceeds going to a worthy cause This time around[...]
Humble Bundle Launches Humble Jackbox Summer Party Bundle
Humble Bundle revealed that they have launched a brand new bundle today in partnership with Jackbox Games for St Jude's For a short time, you can purchase multiple versions of the Jackbox Party Pack games, as well as their individual games and other Jackbox Games content in a pay-however-much-you-want format Depending on how much you[...]
Humble Manga Bundle to Benefit Book and Comic Sellers in Need
The Humble Manga Bundle: Isekai by Kodansha is available now through August 26, 2021, on Humble Bundle and features over $840 worth of Isekai manga ebooks, including popular titles like The Hero Life of a (Self-Proclaimed) "Mediocre" Demon!, Am I Actually the Strongest?, Shangri-La Frontier, I'm Standing on a Million Lives and many more. "Humble Manga[...]
Humble Bundle Launches Starfinder Book Bundle For Comics Benefit
Humble Bundle has teamed up with Paizo to release a new Starfinder-centric bundle that will aid a charitable comic book effort Like a lot of the Humble Bundle packs, this is a pay whatever you want situation as you can give as little or as much as you desire, with varied results of how much[...]
Humble Bundle Releases New 13th Age Bundle For Oceana
Humble Bundle has launched a brand new charity drive featuring the books of 13th Age, with proceeds going toward Oceana The team has partered with Pelgrane Press to basically make their entire catalog of books available in PDF format, everything from guides to map books to adventure modules and more can be yours in the[...]
Humble Bundle Reveals Their 2021 Earth Day Gaming Bundle
Humble Bundle has launched a new gaming bundle this week to help out a worthy cause during Earth Day 2021 This particular bundle is called "Humble Down To Earth" and features eight games with a bit of a nature them to them, which you can pick up through April 30th, 2021 The bundle features $141 worth[...]
Kodansha Launches Humble Manga Bundle: Spring 2021 Anime Season
Today, Kodansha and Humble Bundle launched the Humble Manga Bundle: Spring 2021 Anime Season on Humble Bundle through April 29, 2021 While waiting for new episodes to air this Spring, anime fans can enjoy up to a whopping $930 worth of epic manga ebooks such as That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Vol[...]
The Humble Bundle Spring VR Event Has Launched
Humble Bundle has launched their Spring VR game event as you can snag a ton of Virtual Reality games all for charity As it is with all things run by the organization, you can get a ton of video games in the Humble Spring into VR Bundle at practically dirt-cheap prices They are offering up[...]
Humble Bundle's April 2021 Games Will Benefit Stop AAPI Hate
Humble Bundle revealed their latest list of games available for the month of April 2021 with proceeds going to another worthy cause The company has kicked off Spring with its April Humble Choice, which is officially live and ready for you to purchase This month's choices feature twelve games and have up to $347 worth[...]
Purchase The BOOM! Studios Humble Comic Bundle Starting Today
Do you want to get a bunch of great comics from BOOM! Studios and know that your money is going to some worthy causes?  Well, I have some good news for you!  Starting today, Humble Bundle's newest comics bundle, Humble Comic Bundle: The Best Year of BOOM! Studios will go live on Humble Bundle through[...]
Humble Bundle Is Offering Up Pathfinder Monster Lore By Paizo
This month, Humble Bundle is offering up a special Pathfinder book from Paizo as you can snag Monster Lore This is basically a chance for hardcore players of the franchise to get a ton of resources in a PDF format for super cheap as Humble Bundle likes to do special package deals depending on how[...]
Humble Bundle To Hold A Giving Tuesday Stream On December 1st
Humble Bundle will be hosting its first-ever Giving Tuesday stream live on Twitch to help raise funds for the GameChanger Charity The Giving Tuesday initiative is a first for the company as they extend their mission to provide a platform for indie projects and voices While also providing a place where they can be a[...]
Upshot AWA Studios Launches Humble Bundle to Benefit Heroes Initiative
Upshot Books, the main imprint of AWA Studios, has collaborated with Humble Bundle to offer their comics titles in digital bundles The Humble Comics Bundle: Hot Off the Presses by Upshot/AWA Studios campaign will run from October 14th to November 4th, 2020, at 11 am PT Purchases will support the Hero Initiative. "The Humble Comics Bundle:[...]
Humble Book Bundle Offers Up World Of Warcraft’s Legends Library
That's a ton of content to be giving away for cheap, which they are doing for a good cause. A sample of what you can get in the World Of Warcraft's Legends Library, courtesy of Humble Bundle. Humble Books Bundle is currently selling these all as a collection for increments of #1, $10, $18, $25, and whatever[...]
D&D Partners With Humble Bundle To Benefit Extra Life
Wizards of the Coast has partnered up with Humble Bundle for a special D&D R A Salvatore bundle to help benefit Extra Life Running until October 14th, the two parties are selling multiple books related to Dungeons & Dragons by the New York Times–bestselling author and add-ons for the Neverwinter PC game[...]