Dynamite Combats Coronavirus Hoarding With Frank Miller Homage Variants by Stephen Mooney

In the new world order of coronavirus pandemics and toilet paper hoarding, Americans must adjust to a new way of life where things we previously took for granted may not be available for the foreseeable future. Yes, that applies to important staples like groceries and medical supplies, but also to rarer but no less important items like Frank Miller variant covers.

Just as auto manufacturers are being tapped to build ventilators and distilleries are making hand sanitizer, so too has Dynamite Entertainment found a way to produce substitutes for Frank Miller variants, enlisting artist Stephen Mooney to create a series of variants homaging Miller's past work. Running across Bettie Page #1, Death to the Army of Darkness #5, Dejah Thoris #7, Killing Red Sonja #4, Red Sonja #17, Vampirella #12, and Vampirella/Red Sonja #10, Mooney's variants call back to classic Miller covers.

Let's take a look at these covers and their corresponding sources:


Look for more details to be revealed in Dynamite's June solicitations soon. Stay safe out there, and stop hoarding all the f***king groceries and toilet paper, you selfish a**holes!

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