Dynamite To Make Ash And The Army Of Darkness #1 By Steve Niles Fully Returnable

1373894449I was talking to a senior Marvel executive at San Diego Comic Con about the increase of the 100% Returnable promotion as a way to launch new comic books.

It's not an approach that Marvel was taking, and the executive expressed worries that retailers will order increasing amounts of titles and not be able to cope, will forget to return titles, will be stung by the pennies charge for each comic that gets returned. or that it will overload the system.

I expressed my doubts, noting that accepting returnability was used as a punishment for publishers not abiding by distributor guidelines, Brian Hibbs launched a class action suit against Marvel to make them abide by those terms, that it's a way for retailers to find levels of ordering for future issues and to combat the inherent conservative ordering nature of retailers.

DC Comics led the way, making the launch of the New 52 fully returnable, though they received very few returns. Image have launched series after series with full returnability, letting East Of West, Saga, Jupiter's Legacy and more reach ordering levels that otherwise they would not have acheived. A number of other publishers such as Valiant and DC/Vertigo have embraced it as well, and the latest appears to be from Dynamite.

Dynamite is making the first issue of Ash and the Army of Darkness, the reboot of the Army of Darkness franchise by Steve Niles and Dennis Calero returnable if retailers order large amounts. This should make the comic a little easier to find when it launches and Dynamite start t promote it as the direct sequel to the Army of Darkness movie.

Who knows, maybe Marvel will start using it soon.



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