Emanuela Lupacchino Leaves Starfire, Mirco Pierfederici Joins

12244263_10208757489481011_5226466492556619290_o We already talked about some changes to DC Comics creative teams in February. Well here's one for that they didn't mention. February's Starfire is solicited as being drawn by Mirco Pierfederici with a cover by Amanda Conner.

But regular artist Emanuela Lupacchino posted the actual cover to Starfire #8 by her, saying,

This is my Starfire cover for issue#8, and it's a goodbye kiss for me. I loved this book so much but for personal reasons this is my last issue on the serie. Starfire is a beautiful character, perfectly written by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti and I had a great time working on this wonderful title. A BIG thank you to my editors who are so dedicated and always support and improve my work, Eddie Berganza and Paul Kay, and the biggest hug to my dear creative team, inker Ray McCarthy and colorists Brian and Kristy Miller. Without you guys, my work would be just pencil. More things will come but for now I want to say that you all are just awesome. Incoming artist Mirco Pierfederici will treat the book in the best way possible, he's one of my best firends and trusted collegues so I'm sure you'll miss me but just a bit Ciao!

I understand that much of this is down to the monthly deadline grind. When asked by Marco Morana if that meant she was leaving DC as well, she replied (translated) "Shut up, I'm not going anywhere!" with a smiley.

Mirco Pierfederici has already been credited as an art assistant on the title, and has previously worked on titles including X-Men and Avengers.




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