Exclusive First Look At Dynamite's Fantasy Titles Shipping In June 2017

Here is a second batch of exclusive first looks at the solicitations and covers for Dynamite's fantasy books shipping in June of 2017. These include Red Sonja, John Carter: The End, The Greatest Adventure and Charmed.

Cover A: Joe Corroney Cover B: Maria Sanapo Cover C: Photo Cover Writer: Erica Schultz Art: Maria Sanapo

Paige and Gabe are in the Underworld being used to power the multitudes of demons coming onto our plane of existence. Many in the Charmed Ones' circle have already been replaced by demons, closing in on finishing them off before looking to take over the world.charmed004-cov-a-corroney charmed004-cov-b-sanapo charmed004-cov-c-photo

Cover A: Cary Nord Cover B: Patrick Zircher Cover C: Roberto Castro Writer: Bill Willingham Art: Cezar Razek

The race to capture the rare gemstone known as the "Eye of Judgment" continues – has brought both the crews of the noble Venture and the villainous Resolve to the Lost Land of Caspak! But as they press on into the interior of the island, they'll have to deal with the dangers of the native prehistoric flora and fauna – that is to say, the DINOSAURS!greatadven-03-cov-a-nord greatadven-03-cov-b-zircher greatadven-03-cov-c-castro

Cover A: Garry Brown Cover B: Juan Doe Writer: Brian Wood, Alex Cox Art: Hayden Sherman

WORLD WAR MARS! The battle for the fate of Mars kicks off, and from the depths of the planetary core comes a fighting force that has not been seen for a millennium.jcend05-cov-a-brown jcend05-cov-b-doe

Cover A: Mike McKone Cover B: Ben Caldwell Cover C: Carlos Gomez Cover D: Cosplay Cover Cover E Subscription: Mel Rubi Writer: Amy Chu Art: Carlos Gomez

First New York, next the world. Only Red Sonja and her friends can stop Kulan Gath's megalomaniac quest for a new world order, but first they need to lure the evil sorcerer to Coney Island for a final magic showdown. Can Max pull off the greatest trick of his life, or will this be their last ride?rsvol4-06-cov-a-mckone rsvol4-06-cov-b-caldwell rsvol4-06-cov-c-gomez rsvol4-06-cov-d-cosplay rsvol4-06-cov-e-sub-rubi

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