Exclusive-No-More: Jamie McKelvie's Costume Designs For X-Men Blue Team

Following up on yesterday's announcement of the creative teams and casts of Marvel's new core X-Men titles, X-Men Blue and X-Men Gold, Marvel has given compliant media partner ComicBook.com a reward for their service in the form of an EXXXCLUSIVE reveal of artist Jamie McKelvie's costume designs for X-Men Blue. The book, written by Cullen Bunn with art by Jorge Molina, stars the original five time-displaced X-Men, led by Jean Grey, and with Magneto serving in the Professor X mentor role. What could be all-newer, all-differenter than that, right?! Don't answer that question.

"When I was asked to do the designs for the X-Men, I wanted to reference past incarnations of the characters, while at the same time coming up with something new and cohesive for the team," said McKelvie, clearly putting way more thought into this was necessary. You can just slap a number one on the cover of the comic, add some high collars and unnecessary lines everywhere, and collect your paycheck, dude. If it's good enough for Jim Lee, it's good enough for you. "I wanted them to be individuals, but when you looked at them as a whole, they're clearly a team. I took my main inspiration from modern Olympic and fitness wear outfits, which use a lot of bold shapes and colours. I also paid tribute to Frank Quitely's New X-Men designs in the shapes of the boots and jackets."

x-men-blue-costumes-214258Okay, we have to admit, Jamie's approach may actually be the better one. These do look pretty damn good.

Click through to the interview to read his thoughts on the individual costumes, while we check with Marvel's other media partners to see who gets the X-Men Gold design reveal.


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