Explore Daddy Issues of Son of Mar-Vell in Marvel Tales: Genis-Vell

All the best superheroes have massive daddy issues. Batman? Dad was killed outside a movie theater, then came back from another dimension and tried to take over his role as Batman. Superman? Dad kidnapped his son, brought him to space, almost got him killed, and brought him back fully aged up to a teenager. Wonder Woman? Her dad is Zeus. 'Nuff said. The Hulk? Dad is literally the devil. It's clear that, when it comes down to it, what truly makes a superhero a superhero is their daddy issues, which means that an upcoming Marvel Tales collection, Genis-Vell: Marvel Tales #1, could be one of the greatest superhero stories of all time.

Genis-Vell is the son of Mar-Vell, the original Captain Marvel who died of space-cancer back in the 1980s. And Mar-Vell is the only superhero in the history of Marvel Comics to die and not come back to life six months later in a Return of Captain Marvel super-mega-crossover event. In fact, Mar-Vell is still dead today, which has got to be a real bummer for his son Genis-Vell. How would you like to be the only superhero whose superhero dad died and couldn't come back to life? What a loser!

In a press release, Marvel tells us what to expect from Genis-Vell: Marvel Tales #1:

New York, NY— August 4, 2021 — Last week it was announced that "The Last of the Marvels," an upcoming story arc in writer Kelly Thompson's hit run on CAPTAIN MARVEL, will feature the return of a fan-favorite former Captain Marvel: Genis-Vell! When a mysterious new enemy begins targeting every hero with a connection to the Captain Marvel legacy, the son of the original Captain Marvel will resurface. And fans eager to learn more about the character's rich history will be able to do so this November with GENIS-VELL: MARVEL TALES #1. This latest Marvel Tales installment will collect the opening issues of writer Peter David and artist Chriscross character-defining 2000s series which saw Genis-Vell rise as a prominent hero in the Marvel Universe.

Meet the son of the greatest warrior the galaxy has ever known! Spawned in a test tube, Genis-Vell now struggles to fill the boots of his late father Mar-Vell — the original Kree Captain Marvel! Genis has inherited Mar-Vell's greatest gift, cosmic awareness — which might be enough to make him go mad, if he didn't have Rick Jones along for the ride. But sharing a body, and switching places back and forth from the Negative Zone, might drive them both crazy! Get ready for Peter David and Chriscross' hilarious saga featuring the Hulk, Wendigo, Moondragon…and Rick's estranged wife, Marlo!

Genis-Vell: Marvel Tales #1 is set to hit stores in November. Check out the cover by Carlos Pacheco below:

Written by PETER DAVID

The cover to Genis-Vell: Marvel Tales #1 by Carlos Pacheco
The cover to Genis-Vell: Marvel Tales #1 by Carlos Pacheco

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