With Faith In American Democracy Failing, Fantagraphics Pushes Alternative Currency: Fantabucks

Thanks to a recent executive order by President Donald Trump banning entry to the United States by anyone traveling from seven Muslim countries, and also pretty much everything else President Trump has done since taking office, America's transformation from an oligarchy with the illusion of democracy to a full-fledged fascist dictatorship is all but certain. With that in mind, comic book publisher Fantagraphics is the first entity to spin off its own currency to replace the U.S. Dollar. Called Fantabucks, Fantagraphics' money looks a lot like U.S. dollars, except featuring characters from comics published by Fantagraphics on them instead of dead presidents:

fantabuckstina fantabucksluba fantabucksscrooge

Fantabucks are a "fiat" currency, which means that, instead of being backed by gold, they are backed by the 1982 Fiat X1/9 roadster currently parked in the driveway of Fantagraphics co-founder Gary Groth, which Groth assures investors is "totally" in running condition and whose engine block has not been hollowed out by a colony of Yellowjacket wasps to build a giant, deadly hive on wheels

Somewhat surprisingly, Fantabucks have turned out to be extremely strong against the dollar. In fact, you can buy twice as much stuff with Fantabucks as you can with U.S. currency, provided the stuff you are buying is Fantagraphics merchandise from their online store, thanks to a new 2-for-1 coupon. When it comes to buying anything else, the Fantabuck is considerably weaker. In fact, you cannot actually purchase anything else other than Fantagraphics merchandise and you cannot purchase it from anywhere else but their website, but this is a small setback, and once Fantagraphics figures this out, we'll all be using Fantabucks for all of our purchasing needs.

If you're interested in getting in on the Fantabucks craze before it really takes off like Bitcoin, head over to their website and purchase $100 in Fantabucks for $50 USD today!

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