Flash Giant #4 Has a Rather Bland View of Today's Comics

Last week saw the release of Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #4, the Flash digital-first comic that was previously published The Flash #4 100-Page Giant in Walmarts and comic to comic book stores this coming week. What I don't know is if the editorial flub present in the digital version is present in the published version. Maybe someone who went to Walmart can tell me? And what editorial flub? Well, it would be this scene with the future being nostalgic about our present. And how the comic books were'full of color and life'

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However, the version on DC Digital and ComiXology right now, has that comic full of colour and life represented by the instruction 'STAT #1 COVER' – or rather an editorial instruction that a copy of the first issue's cover is to be inserted digitally into the comic book panels. One that managed to make it through the process to publication without anyone going 'hey, wait a minute, what's going on here?'

UPDATE: Looks like the print edition is fine and dandy. Which means they can amend the digital edition in a splice. Or at least when they got into the office on Monday afternoon.

Flash Giant #4 Has a Rather Bland View of Today's Comics

Here is the breakdown of the Giant issue.

The Flash Giant #4, cover by Cully Hamner

Flash Forward, a 16-page story written by Gail Simone with art by Clayton Henry

The Flash has arrived in the 25th century to face down the villainous Eobard Thawne, the Reverse-Flash! But what Barry discovers isn't a city in ruins, but a utopia filled with people who can use the Speed Force the same way he does. Can the Flash stop the sinister speedster when he's surrounded by people who would die for him?

DC Comics note that this story is not related to the Flash Forward miniseries, the epilogue story from The Flash #750, or the expanded version of the epilogue story that will appear in Generation Zero: Gods Among Us.

None of the Time in the World," an 8-page story written by Jay Baruchel with art by Sumit Kumar

A radioactive beast runs rampant after an explosion at S.T.A.R. Labs. But is it man or monster, and can the Flash calm the creature before it destroys Central City?
Plus, these reprint tales:

* "Gorilla Warfare Part 4: Love and Sacrifice," from The Flash #16 (2012)
* "The Ninth Circle," from Green Arrow #3 (2016)
* "The Past Is Another Country," from Blue Beetle #4 (2016)

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