Frank Tieri Talks About His Daughter Samantha and Why You Should Become an Organ Donor

Comic book writer Frank Tieri posted this on Facebook earlier today. We republish it here, with his permission, He writes,

Happy bday to my beautiful and courageous daughter Samantha. I don't talk about this much as I tend to be a bit of a private person when it comes to family but today Samantha turns 18 and she deserves to be recognized.

Samantha is a heart transplant survivor, and had to undergo TWO heart transplants in one week in her first year of life (at the time, I believe she was the only person to have ever had that done). Now, I'd be lying if I said our road was an easy one— there have been multiple complications at times and oh so many trips in and out of the hospital. But Samantha is a fighter and we'll always continue to fight with her.

People think I'm tough— I'm not tough. Samantha is tough. The toughest person I know and my hero.

Now today, I'm asking you to be a hero as well. Organ donation saved my daughter's life and continues to save lives every day. Samantha wouldn't be here without it. So I'm asking you, in addition to wishing Samantha a happy bday, to consider signing up to become an organ donor today:

Sign up in the USA here.

Sign up in the UK here.

Sign up in Canada here.

You're giving the gift of life to someone who needs it… and on a day like today where I celebrate 18 years of such a life, that's the best gift we could receive. Thanks and again, happy birthday to Samantha

 — with Kathy Tieri.


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