From The Ashes – Alex De Campi, Igor Kordey And Colleen Doran

A few weeks ago, after Alex De Campi and Jimmy Broxton/James Hodgkins fell out over one of the more successful Kickstarter comics projects, Ashes, Alex was despairing, and talking about quitting comics for good and making moves to retrain for an entirely different career. I toldher that would be a tragedy and a waste. She disagreed.

But that was before she went away to direct a video for The Pixies' Frank Black's Grand Duchy and the song Silver Boys from their second album.

And now with a new update to the KIckstarter page, Alex De Campi has outlined her new plan for Ashes.

 The nice thing about getting away for a bit was, well, getting away from the internet. I did a lot of thinking on I-81 about how to proceed with the book, and decided to go back to my original plan of having different artists draw different sections of the book. Ashes breaks down really nicely into 20-50 page chunks (and a couple really small sections, 3 or 4 pages) based on location, time and secondary characters.

I only started reaching out to artists yesterday, so a lot still needs to be done, but I'm delighted to tell you that Igor Kordey is coming back to do a 20-page flashback sequence that literally I know he will draw better than anyone else in the world (sorry, everyone else, but it's true). Colleen Doran has also said yes to a short sequence that's mainly stand-alone involving possibly my favourite secondary character in the book: a young American widow.

So, there you go. I still have a lot of sections to nail down and am waiting to hear back from a ton of people. This is super exciting for me because there are some wonderful artists out there (such as Colleen) that I'd just give my right arm to work with… but they can't commit to a 252 page book. They can commit to 24-40 pages, though, between other projects/books.

I hope to bring you more news of our developing artist lineup soon. I am aiming high, in terms of art. I think you'll be surprised and delighted. The one issue is that our timeline is likely to slip, though. As soon as I have artists for the entire book, I'll work out with them a NEW timeline and let you all know. But if it makes a massive difference to you that you won't receive the first issue in March, well, you won't receive the first issue in March.

Just to remind, the refund offer still stands — anytime, for any reason, up to when we ship the first issue (at which point I'm afraid you're stuck with it). The offer still stands the other way, too. If you asked for a refund and now are like, hm, I actually want to be a part of this again, just message me on Kickstarter or email me on

No refund here, Alex. I'm happy to wait as long as it takes. And I also hope that whatever you need to sort out with James/Jimmy, you step up there as well.

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