Funny Creek #1 Review: Stout Club Delivers A Story of Innocence Lost

Funny Creek is the latest release from ComiXology Originals in collaboration with Stout Club, which is a collective of creatives including writers Rafael Scavone and Rafael Albuquerque, artist Eduardo Medeiros, colorist Priscila Tramontano, and letterer Bernardo Brice. It follows a young girl who has experienced some unknown (as of yet) tragedy who, following an accident, wakes up in the world of her favorite cartoon.


Stout Club teams with ComiXology Originals for Funny Creek #1. Credit: ComiXology Originals
Stout Club teams with ComiXology Originals for Funny Creek #1. Credit: ComiXology Originals

Funny Creek is from a plot by the two Rafaels, Scavone and Albuquerque, and scripted by Scavone. The story is inventive and emotional, as Lilly takes what appears to be a trauma-induced trip into her imagination, where she discovers that the world of her favorite cartoon, ran by a clown Sheriff named Clumsy, isn't exactly as fun as she imagined it would be. It's a fun and simple story with great potential, with only one weakness: the reader doesn't see enough of Lilly's life or Funny Creek as a cartoon for her experience in the cartoon to be significant. Instead of being shown Lilly's obsession with the show and the way that the cartoon is different from her discovery of the world, we're told all of this from her dialogue. All in all, while the series is off to a good start, a few more pages of grounding in Lilly's real-life would have made it much stronger.

The art is just beautiful, with stylized characters and a brilliantly realized color palette. It feels almost like a cartoon trapped inside physical pages from the way the artwork suggests movement and bursts with life. Medeiros and Tramontano's artwork makes this book an enthralling experience from beginning to end, elevating it from an intriguing story to perhaps one of the best-looking comics being published right now.

Starting off with great potential and stellar art, Funny Creek is a title to watch for all ages.

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