Gail Simone On Her Batgirl Artistic Collaborator, Ardian Syaf


Ardian Syaf designed the New 52 look for Batgirl and worked on the series for its first year with writer Gail Simone. Since the events of last weekend, she has been asked repeatedly about her work with the man.

She posted to Facebook

Simone says that she always thought it was pretty surprising that he was able to convincingly draw two cosmopolitan Gotham City girls coming from such a different background. That Syaf polite, and expressed no problems with the content in Batgirl, which could sometimes be a little violent and sexual. That she believed his attitude was that this was work, and work was different. Indeed, he never asked for revisions when other artists have, and gives the example of a Christian artist who asked a Wonder Woman panel not evoke a crucifixion.

She also comments on the observation that a story set in an Indonesian area of Gotham was Ardian's idea, but instead states that the location was her idea, to take advantage of his extra experience, rather than something he created to sneak hidden messages into.


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