Gail Simone Responds To Bleeding Cool Top 100 Power List [Updated]

cleanroomYesterday, the latest serialized edition of the Bleeding Cool Top 100 Power List was released, and though it did not answer the burning question on everyone's mind – where will egomaniac Rich Johnston rank himself this year? – it did name superstar writer and comics dignitary Gail Simone as the 74th most powerful person in comics. But when it came to Bleeding Cool's justification for the ranking…

One of the touchstones for the comic book industry's attempt to become more diverse and inclusive, Gail Simone is a significant influencer in the industry. It is a credit to her success that she is no longer the totemic hire by a publisher wishing to show they are reaching out to women—thanks in par (sic) to Gail's example, there are plenty of other examples now. The cancellation of Secret Six and Clean Room will see her Dynamite books as the most prominent until DC gets its act together—not being part of Rebirth hurt. But by Kickstarting Surviving Megalopolis she has demonstrated a loyal fan base and lasting appeal.

Next year's position depends on: Finding a Big Two book that traditional fans can rally around.

…Simone found it "super-weird," and not just because it wasn't checked for typos:


So distressed was he after reading Bleeding Cool's summary and assuming Gail Simone must be destitute, living off scraps pulled out of dumpsters and the tears of offended Cyclops fans for sustenance, that Bleeding Cool contributor Joe Glass even offered her some work on his own book:

It seemed Bleeding Cool's ranking had created a full blown panic, but Simone was determined to put everyone at ease.

It would be nice to think that Rich Johnston would learn something from this, but he's probably too busy writing up his own Top 20 listing to even pay attention. For giving Uncle Rich such a thorough dressing down, however, Gail Simone, you'll always be number one on the Jude Terror Top 100 Power List.




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