Ghost Hunters Become Ghosts In Dead Dudes from Oni Press in September

Planning ahead, as comics will start to get back into the hands of the fans at the end of this month, Oni Press announced Friday that September 16th, 2020, will bring us a brand new complete original graphic novel, Dead Dudes. Continuing their trend of publishing interesting, different, and fun creator-owned ideas, Oni will be publishing the book by Christopher Sebela and Ben Sears, with art, color, and lettering by Warren Wucinich and Ryan Hill.  The plot centers on three "alleged" friends, who go from hosting a ghost hunting show to being ghosts themselves after they are killed in a haunted location.

Christopher Sebela is well known for his wide variety of different and offbeat creator-owned projects from Crowed, to Test, to Shanghai Red, and many more. His unique ideas and variety of genre creations should make this book an interesting read.

Ben Sears has worked on several unique projects as well, including House of the Black Spot, Night Air, and Volcano Trash, as well as work for Boom on their Garfield comics. Many of Ben Sears books have a supernatural element or twist in them, and working on Dead Dudes seems to be a continuation of that theme.

Warren Wucinich has done lots of work previously with Oni Press on their Invader Zim comic and was co-creator and artist for KRISS: The Gift of Wrath, also released by Oni Press.

Ryan Hill also has done lots of work for Oni Press on Stumptown, Rick, and Morty, as well as coloring for many other comics, including Dark Horse and IDW.

As everyone goes into the next couple of months, seeing new and unique projects from a variety of creators will probably become the norm, as many comic creators found themselves stuck at home with time to create.  This graphic novel looks to be a fun and new idea.  The book will be published in stores and online on the same day.  Format, page length, and price point are not known yet, but the book should be receiving full solicits in the July Previews catalog.

The full press release from Oni Press is below.

The cover of Dead Dudes published by Oni Press.
The cover of Dead Dudes published by Oni Press.

PORTLAND, OR: Oni Press is pleased to announce the upcoming original graphic novel Dead Dudes from Christopher Sebela and Ben Sears, featuring a trio of ghost hunters who piss off the wrong bunch of ghosts, coming September 2020.

Riffing on the ever-popular supernatural hunter tv shows, Dead Dudes follows Trev, Kent, and Brian — three guys who are allegedly friends, but are best known as the backbiting hosts of the popular ghost hunting show, Ghost Bros. With ratings falling and competition rising, they gamble it all on the Chernobyl of haunted locations: Edgeway Penitentiary, where the Ghost Bros find conclusive proof of the afterlife… After they die and come back as ghosts themselves, trapped there with the angry ghosts who killed them!

Now that they're deceased, the Ghost Bros have to be the best dead dudes they can be, prove to the world that ghosts exist, and save the lives of their most hated rivals (Oh yeah—and to save the living from a ghostly armageddon. Or whatever).

Featuring art, color, and lettering from the talents of Warren Wucinich and Ryan Hill, Dead Dudes will be available online and in stores September 16th, 2020.

About the Creator(s)

Christopher Sebela is a three-time Eisner-nominated writer, designer and publisher born in the Midwest and living in Portland, Oregon. Having started out writing journalism and novels that no one will ever read, he's the co-creator of original comics like CrowdedTestShanghai RedHigh CrimesHouse AmokCold WarHeartthrobWe(l)come BackDead LettersShort Order Crooks, and The Death Defying. He is also father to a block headed dog named Zola who is the best dog in the world.

Ben Sears is an illustrator who was last seen in Kentucky. No reward if found.

Warren Wucinich is an illustrator, colorist, and part-time carny currently living in Dallas, TX. When not making comics he can usually be found watching old Twilight Zone episodes and eating large amounts of pie.

Colorist Ryan Hill lives in North Hills, California and has worked in comics in some form or another for over a decade. He's been coloring for the last few years and hopes he's good at it. He knows Dex tends to roam around Alberta a lot but thinks at some point she should try drinking at North Bar around 50th and Division 'cause that's his favorite bar.

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