Gideon Falls #3 Advance Review: What is the Black Barn?

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Father Fred has another meeting with the Gideon Falls Sheriff before preparing for Sunday mass. Norton sets up defenses for his apartment in the aftermath of the robbery in his lab. Soon after, Dr. Xu arrives to share her experience with the ominous Black Barn.

Gideon Falls #3 cover by Andrea Sorrentino
Gideon Falls #3 cover by Andrea Sorrentino

Gideon Falls provides another eerie and atmospheric issue courtesy of the talented Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino. We further explore the character of Father Fred as he tries to figure out what to do about mass. The reality that Norton is a domestic terrorist in the making becomes more of an unnerving reality as he sets up acid traps and small explosives in his apartment.

The mystery of the Black Barn is such a bizarrely gripping concept which drives the comic forward. We still know very little about this thing, but the simplicity of the symbolism—as well as the disturbing depiction courtesy of Sorrentino and Dave Stewart—makes it something that I am dying to know more about.

The mass scene in this comic is a complicated moment. Fred's speech borders on the cliché, but I'm unsure as to whether that is intentional to show how his heart isn't in his work. If so, that's clever. If not, then the scene is lackluster. I think that's up to reader discretion in the end; unfortunately, I'm leaning towards the latter explanation despite my love of Lemire's work.

Sorrentino's artwork continues to be memorable and damn magnificent in this issue. The detailing, texturing, and depth given to the world of Gideon Falls is astonishing, and the cold and ominous atmosphere is engulfing. Dave Stewart's similarly cold and foreboding color work brings the visuals together in a beautiful manner.

Gideon Falls #3 is another impressive showing from this series, and it leaves me wanting more as a good comic should. The atmosphere is palpable, the meandering pacing works well for the setup, and the characters are interesting. This one gets another recommendation. Give it a read this Wednesday.

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