The Girl With The Jughead Tattoo – Bleeding Cool's Lauren Sisselman

Life is weird. One minute you're working at the front desk at a gym, and the next you're writing for Bleeding Cool. That's actually not entirely accurate, but here we are. My name's Lauren Sisselman, but some of you may know me as Baltimore Lauren.


I've been a hardcore comic fan for 20+ years, but Archie, and Platinum-Golden Age comics, are my niche. I've been lucky enough to be a part of some fantastic things because of my fandom, including contributing to Archie: A Celebration of America's Favorite Teenager and The Art of Betty and Veronica. I was also on Comic Book Men once. As of 2016, I'm also an Overstreet Price Guide advisor, and as of 2017 I'm the newest addition to the Bleeding Cool staff, and I have to thank my almost obsessive love of Archie comics for it.


Outside of that, I'm also a big fan of pinball machines and vintage video games. My personal favorite pins are Monster Bash, Tron, Spider-Man and Lady Robin Hood. Video game wise I'm a big fan of the Mario series, and Mortal Kombat. I also dabble in pinup modeling, cosplay, and I think leggings are pants and you can actually fight me about it, and I'll win, because I'll have full range of motion. One last thing before I put you to sleep with my boring intro, I love Disney. Specifically golden age Disney and the Disney parks. Haunted Mansion is the best ride, and I prefer the Disneyland Space Mountain. If you ever see me at a con, please say hi! I'd love to talk about anything and everyone with you!


(And yes, I do have a Jughead tattoo.)

About Baltimore Lauren

I like pinball machines, Archie Comics, and bad movies. Sometimes I write about old books for the heck of it. Follow me on Twitter: @BaltimoreLauren