Gotham Academy Just Keeps Getting Better! Issue #11 Guest Stars Red Robin

GalleryComics_1920x1080_20151021_GOTHAC_Cv11_560c539fa61c58.01663330Just when I thought Gotham Academy couldn't get any better! From DC Comics, written by Becky Cloonan and Brenden Fletcher, with art by Karl Kerschl, Gotham Academy #11 is sure to blow your mind, because it was quite an exciting read. Guest starring, Red Robin the team continues to search for clues about Olive's mother Calamity. As always, things don't go quite as planned for the group.

I was happy to get some time with Olive and Maps alone during this issue. It feels like their friendship has been a little more complicated over the past few issues, and we haven't had the opportunity to experience the two of them working together as much. Red Robin was a nice addition to the issue. It's always exciting to see some more Batman characters incorporated into the script. For me the highlight of the entire issue was the flashback scene where we see an encounter between Batman, Robin, and Calamity. Not only is it beautifully illustrated, but it provides us with the background information that we've been needing for a few issues now.

Overall, I feel like Fletcher and Cloonan are pacing the story well and it looks like we are in for another epic issue next month. The layers that are being revealed in Olive's family history are absolutely fascinating and I can't wait to uncover more with this captivating cast of characters. Be sure to pick up Gotham Academy #11 this week!

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