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And that includes a new title from Brenden Fletcher and another book from John Lees and George Kambadais. Brenden Fletcher is best known for his work on Batgirl, Gotham Academy, Wednesday Comics, Black Canary, Motor Crush, Isola, Robotech, Power Rangers and X-Men. John Lees is best known for his work on Sink, The Standard, Then Emily Was[...]
Isola #2 cover by Karl Kerschl
Brenden Fletcher, Karl Kerschl, and MSASSYK have crafted something wondrous here, and I highly recommend it Give it a read. [rwp-review-ratings id="0"] [rwp-review-form id="0"] [rwp-review-recap id="0"] Captain Rook and the tiger form of Queen Olwyn continue their trek for the land of Isola Olwyn has been exhausted by the trip and collapses, leaving Rook to scout ahead and[...]
Isola #1 cover by Karl Kerschl
This is an absolutely gorgeous and absorbing comic. Isola #1 is visually stunning first outing for Brenden Fletcher, Kerschl, and MSASSYK The story is interesting and leaves just enough clues to leave you wanting more The art is beautiful and weaves a world both familiar and wildly distinct from our own The pacing is good, and[...]
isola #1 variant
Writer Brenden Fletcher gets off easy, not having to draw either cover. We're not personally always a fan of variant covers, especially when they're used to artificially inflate sales on comic book or when they're used to squeeze retailers for more money But in the case where they're simply "Cover A" and "Cover B" and the[...]
Motor Crush Revs Up With Lush Backup Feature Isola
By Jonathan Rich Bleeding Cool Correspondent The celebrated trio of Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart and Babs Tarr created quite a following for themselves by modernizing DC Comic's iconic character Batgirl in 2014 and hope to follow up that success with their creator-owned project Motor Crush for Image Comics. "It's the story of motorcycle racer Domino Swift," Fletcher said[...]
Back To School! Thoughts On Gotham Academy Annual #1
From DC Comics, Gotham Academy Annual #1, written by Brenden Fletcher and Becky Cloonan, with art by Michael Dialynas, is a rollercoaster of an issue. It comes to us before the start of Gotham Academy: Second Semester, and you won't believe what happens Here's what's going on… "When the Gotham Academy student body comes down with a mysterious disease, Pomeline and[...]
A Tiny Square Of A Gotham Academy: Second Semester Cover
Earlier today, he shared a very small preview of a cover… Working on the Gotham Academy: Second Semester cover! — Karl Kerschl (@karlkerschl) May 30, 2016 Together with Brenden Fletcher and Becky Cloonan, I'm sure it will be a successful continuation of the comic. Gotham Academy brings something new to Gotham, and that's what I like about it[...]
The End Has Come For Batgirl Of Burnside
I have to give the creative team that took over the book, Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart, and Babs Tarr a lot of credit What they did in Burnside with such a well known character, was brave If you've read my reviews, you know that my opinion was mixed, but there was a decent amount of[...]
Gotham Academy Wraps Up Yearbook Storyline With Issue #18
Having different mini-stories throughout the issues truly has enhanced the overall ARC. Gotham Academy #18 written by Brenden Fletcher, Faith Erin Hicks, Natasha Alterici, with art by Annie Wu, Moritat, Hicks, Adam Archer, and Alterici, takes us through some incidents in the past that directly affected the storylines that we have loved since issue #1[...]
Things Are Changing For Batgirl…And I Like It.
Issue #51 is written by Brenden Fletcher, with guest artists Eleonora Carlini, Minkyu Jung, and Roger Robinson This issue centers on the crossroads in Barbara Gordon's life, and begins to set up the building blocks for her to leave Burnside But first she needs a bit of a confident boost from her pal… Brenden Fletcher's script and dialogue[...]
The Perfect Variety: Gotham Academy #17 Ends The Yearbook ARC With A Bang
In case you weren't aware, Gotham Academy #17 includes three separate tales from different creators, all while Maps and Olive do a narration/quest of their own. The first is called This One's For You, written by Brenden Fletcher, with art by Annie Wu, and colors by Serge Lapointe I like the fact that Brenden brought in one of[...]