Green Lantern #12 Review: This One Is Fascinating

The balance of power is changing in the galaxy as the Green Lanterns accept a new means of bringing order to lawless space, and every thread from this series gets tied up. Green Lantern #12 serves as a capstone on either a breathtaking maxi-series or the opening act for a fascinating new direction.

Green Lantern #12 Review: Fascinating
Green Lantern #12 Cover. Credit: DC Comics

John Stewart has gone through quite a lot: leading a quest to the far side of the galaxy, seeing many of the Lanterns who joined that quest die in the process, working without the power rings they'd come to rely on, then "eating the Godstorm" and becoming connected to the Source and here, talking to a cosmic manifestation of Jack Kirby that quotes Terry Pratchett (or maybe Stephen King, depending on your point of view).

While the metatextual element may have been a bit passe, this Geoffrey Thorne script does a great job of figuring a way forward for the chosen of Oa, scaling back the excesses of past decisions into something dangerous something interesting, something manageable for fans to enjoy. The visuals from Tom Raney, Marco Santucci, Mike Atiyeh, and Rob Leigh do a lot of heavy lifting with an almost George Perez-level number of characters to manage but still show up with big splash pages and cosmic looks at things.

This book takes a big swing, but it's good to see it connect after the long road getting here. This is a big, fun comic with ambition, and that's great to see. RATING: BUY.

Green Lantern #12
By Geoffrey Thorne, Tom Raney, Marco Santucci
As the dust settles after the battle with the Anti-Guardian, John Stewart, Jo Mullein, and the rest of the Corps pick up the pieces and adjust to their new status quo. The day might be saved, but thereâs still plenty of work to be done. Everything you know about Green Lanterns is about to change!

Green Lantern #12

Green Lantern #12 Review: Fascinating
Review by Hannibal Tabu

John Stewart has all the power in many worlds, but what will he do with it? See the answer and the next chapter in the evolution of the chosen of Oa.

Paul Kaminski, Andrew Marino, Marquis Draper

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