Greg Capullo Weighs In On Richard Spencer And #NaziPunching, Or "Hitler Just Needed A Hug"


Superstar artist and half of the creative team for DC's upcoming Batman-themed Summer super-mega-crossover event Greg Capullo has added his take to the many about the Nazi punch heard 'round the world (and then heard again and again and again because the video has a lot of replay value, if we're being perfectly honest). Go ahead. Give it another watch:

The video has spawned several discussions about the morality of punching Nazis in the face, with Captain America writer Nick Spencer claiming that Cap himself wouldn't want people to do it based on the events of Captain America #275 (though it should be pointed out for the record that, because in Nick Spencer's Captain America comic, Steve Rogers's reality has been changed by a cosmic cube so that he has always been an agent of Hydra — a Nazi offshoot group originally used as an analog for Nazis in Marvel comics — he was basically a Nazi while telling people not to punch Nazis in that issue). Warren Ellis, on the other hand, wholeheartedly supports punching Nazis, as do more than a dozen superheroes including Captain America judging by their actions.

Various comic book creators have weighed in since, including some posthumous stories about what Jack Kirby might have thought and a comment from Pepe the Frog creator Matt Furie, whose depiction of "a peaceful cartoon amphibian who represents love, acceptance, and fun (And getting stoned)" was co-opted by the alt-right (read: white supremacists) (read: Nazis) as a hate symbol. In fact, it was right as self-proclaimed alt-right leader Richard Spencer was describing what Pepe meant to him that the titular punch took place.

"Pepe's become kind of symbo*PUNCH*" goes the video, which you can view again here, because it's been a minute or two since you last saw it:

Anyway, here's what Capullo had to say:

Of course, getting a little smack from Greg Capullo probably feels a lot like being punched by The Hulk. Have you seen this guy's arms?!

(This is an older tweet.)

Back on topic:


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