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On Monday, the online video hosting service banned the following six channels for violating its hate-speech policy: white supremacist Richard Spencer's main channel and his channel for the National Policy Institute/Radix Journal; far-right commentator Stefan Molyneux's and ex-Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke's channels; and white-nationalist group American Renaissance and the affiliated AmRen Podcasts[...]
Marvel Gives Cyclops a Richard Spencer Haircut in X-Men Blue #34 Preview
Now, the future adult time-displaced teenage version of Cyclops starring in X-Men Blue has been revealed to sport a haircut 20 years in the future that resembles that of Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer. Previously, a Richard Spencer haircut has been reserved for jerks like Superior Octopus… Or Quentin Quire, though Quire may have actually had the haircut before[...]
Separated At Birth? Hydra Superior Octopus and Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer
Using a proto-clone body, stabilised using his own science, and transferring his own consciousness into it, Doctor Octopus gained new life as a newly empowered form, even down to his very own 'octopus sense'. And he also has a new power base – in the form of Marvel's very own alternative right (whatever you do, don't[...]
Chris Evans In Favour Of Punching Nazis? If They Punch First…
Neo-Nazis in smarter clothes) leader Richard Spencer got sucker-punched at the Inauguration of Orange Golf-Fanatic President, Donald J Trump. Spencer (Nick, that is) argued that punching someone with a differing opinion, even a Nazi who believes in a white 'ethno-state' and the removal of those who basically don't conform to what he thinks are good, intelligent[...]
Greg Capullo Weighs In On Richard Spencer And #NaziPunching, Or "Hitler Just Needed A Hug"
Give it another watch: Richard Spencer got punched in the face during the protests at Trump's #inauguration — Gender🚁Professecs (@gprofessx) January 20, 2017 The video has spawned several discussions about the morality of punching Nazis in the face, with Captain America writer Nick Spencer claiming that Cap himself wouldn't want people to do it based on the events[...]
Yet More Punching Nazis, Pepe The Frog, Richard Spencer … And Jack Kirby
You'll find it at the head of this Amnesty International article about journalists being attacked and killed around the world, including the cartoon magazine Charlie Hebdo. It's a principle that has been cited after Richard Spencer white supremacist was punched in the head while being interviewed on television Captain America writer (no relation) Nick Spencer's tweet condemning[...]
18 Times Superheroes Punched, Kicked, Throttled, Or Otherwise Inflicted Violence On Nazis
After white supremacist Richard Spencer was punched in Washington DC after Donald Trump's inauguration yesterday, Twitter was subjected to a lecture by Captain America writer Nick Spencer about how people shouldn't punch Nazis because Free Speech But punching Nazis is as much a part of the genetic makeup of a superhero as masks, capes, and skintight spandex[...]
On The Morality Of Punching Nazis, With Nick Spencer, Lexi Alexander, And A Special Guest Appearance By Richard Spencer
So high, in fact, that… Richard Spencer got punched in the face during the protests at Trump's #inauguration — Gender🚁Professecs (@gprofessx) January 20, 2017 Captain America writer Nick Spencer took to Twitter to denounce the punching, as well as those who were applauding the punching, of Richard Spencer, a self-proclaimed white nationalist and alt-right leader. How is getting punched in the[...]