Gwenom Vs Carnage In King In Black

King in Black: Gwenom VS Carnage #1 by Seanan McGuire and Flaviano will be published by Marvel in January, as part of their King In Black event. And it looks as if it will be as mental as it sounds.

 This January, Gwenom joins the fight against Knull in KING IN BLACK: GWENOM VS CARNAGE. Joined by artist Flaviano, acclaimed author Seanan McGuire returns to the saga of Gwen Stacy in this action-packed series that will have major consequences for the popular web-slinger. Equipped with a symbiotic suit of her own, the god of symbiote's descent on the Marvel Universe in King in Black will throw Gwenom's world into chaos. As Knull unleashes his dark influence throughout the globe, Gwen will have to defend her new home universe against one of the most dangerous symbiotes of all time — Carnage!

"I could not be feeling better or more excited right now! You can expect a lot of swinging (and kicking) high, yelling loud, and general chaos," McGuire promises. "I've missed Gwen so much, this is really a gift."

Gwenom Vs Carnage In King In Black
Gwenom Vs Carnage In King In Black

"Gwenom" began life as a variant cover that went mad – Gwen Stacy in a Venom symbiote costume. Gwenom then became a story in and of itself with Spider-Gwen bonding to this symbiote after seeing her father has been beaten into a coma by Aleksei Sytsevich on the order of Matt Murdock, before rampaging through New York, setting out to kill Sytsevich, but their battle is interrupted when Frank Castle kills Aleksei himself. Cindy Moon revealed to Gwen that the negative emotion aren't the symbiote's but her own, advising that she let go of her rage and hatred towards Murdock.

Now it appears that Gwenom is making a return. Spider-Gwen has been active in the Spider-Man books… and now looks to be reuniting with her other half.

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