Christopher Hastings and Noah Hayes Are the Creative Team for BOOM!'s Wet Hot American Summer Comic

BOOM! Studios has finally revealed the creative team for the highly anticipated Wet Hot American Summer original graphic novel they originally announced last August. Finally giving impatient fans some answers, a press release reveals that Christopher Hastings will write the comic with artist Noah Hayes. As we already knew, the OGN based on the Netflix show based on the movie will feature a cover by Joe Quinones.

"This is such a wonderful and unexpected crossing of my comedy nerdom, and my standard issue comic book nerdom, and I think it will be for readers as well," said Hastings in the press release. "I've watched the movie more times than I can count, and I also happen to be a comic book writer who for the life of me, cannot write a somber story. I've been looking out for new character interactions that we haven't seen before, new things to do with spoofing camp movie culture, and I'm also bringing a lot to this from my own time working as a teen camp counselor. I cannot wait for Wet Hot fans to get to read this graphic novel."

"I'm wildly excited to be a part of the Wet Hot American Summer original graphic novel," said Hayes. "Surreal, visual humor and vibrant, eccentric characters are some of my favorite things to work with in comics, and such a core part of WHAS itself. It's a privilege and an honor to be on the team and I'm so psyched to bring Camp Firewood from screen to page for the first time. "

But what is the comic about, you ask? The press release covers that as well:

Camp Director Beth is relieved to have made it through week one of Camp Firewood in one piece…until the cops are called in for a surprise camp inspection! Now Beth, Coop, Katie, Andy, Susie, Gene, Nancy, Victor, Ben, McKinley, J.J., Gary, Gail, and the rest of Camp Firewood have 24 hours to – literally – clean up their act by bringing the camp up to code or this will be the last summer the camp is open! Luckily, the camp counselors are all onboard to pitch in…if they ever come back from partying in town.

Now the only question remaining is: why is BOOM! making a Wet Hot American Summer comic? Have we run out of literally every other property available to license? That question, it seems, will have to wait for another day.

Christopher Hastings and Noah Hayes Are the Creative Team for BOOM!'s Wet Hot American Summer Comic

Christopher Hastings and Noah Hayes Are the Creative Team for BOOM!'s Wet Hot American Summer Comic

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