"He's Definitely Closer To Doc Strange Than To Constantine" – Mark Powers Talks Dresden Files: War Cry

Here is a nice little peer-to-peer interview conducted by Nancy Collins, novelist and writer on the new Vampirella series. She talks with Mark Powers, who is collaborating with novelist Jim Butcher on the new Dresden Files: War Cry series for Dynamite.

DresdenWarCry01CovExcluJetpackNANCY COLLINS: Where does Dresden fit in on the larger comic book wizard spectrum? Is he closer to Dr. Strange or John Constantine?

MARK POWERS: I'd say he's definitely closer to Doc Strange than to Constantine, though he's his own distinct character. I think Harry's flaws are as interesting and endearing as his strengths—much like a classic Marvel character—but he's not a super hero. When he messes up, the consequences are more immediate and real. When he loses someone, it's not something you can expect Jim to reverse in the next novel. And yet, with all that, his outlook is more positive than either of those characters.

DresdenWarCry01CovIncenGomezNC: Were you a fan of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files series before coming on as the writer for the series?

MP: I was aware of the Dresden Files beforehand—I don't live under a rock —but I can't claim to have been a fan. Once I took on the assignment, though, and began reading the books…well, it's not something I'd label an assignment anymore. I'm a fan now, so it's an honor.

DresdenWarCry01CovSejicNC: Does the TV series that aired on SyFy a few years back play a role in how the characters are visualized?

MP: Not unless something about those visuals has seeped into the artists' interpretations. We go strictly by how Harry and his world are described in Jim's books. Nothing against the show, but frankly, the novels are far more rich in terms of visuals, as counter-intuitive as that may sound.

WarCry0102NC: Can you give readers a brief summary of what to expect in WAR CRY?

MP: Harry getting his first taste of what it means to be a leader and role model for younger wizards, while trying to fend off a horde of vampires in the middle of nowhere. Harry and his team must somehow last an entire night against this throng, or they will get their hands on a supernatural WMD. Of course, this being the Dresden Files, things don't quite go as planned.

WarCry0103NC: What's it like working with your artist, Carlos Gomez?

MP: I love Carlos's work, he's a great talent. I've been really lucky with the artists Nick and Rich have teamed me with on these series—Ardian Syaf, Chase Conley, Joseph Cooper, and now Carlos. He brings an entirely different flavor from the previous series, and I think readers are really going to enjoy it.

NC: Do you have any other projects up your sleeve you'd like your fans to know about?

MP: I'm working on a planned relaunch of my sci-fi series, Drafted.

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