IDW International To License IDW And Archie Comics Overseas – And Anyone Else Who Wants In

Archie#5WilliamsVarArchie Comics is foreign to me. It was never made available to a British audience outside a comic book shop, and rarely ordered if that. My first actual encounter with anything vaguely Archie was the To Riverdale and Back Again TV movie on some late night channel. Something tickled the back of a brain and I realised that this terrible film was based on that thing I'd read about somewhere.

It also meant that works influenced by Archie, I was unable to appreciate that level, from Love And Rockets to the work of Terry LaBan and Evan Dorkin. I didn't get the reference.

This kind of situation will not do, apparently.

Today, IDW Publishing announced that it will be managing its own foreign rights catalogue for global publishing to create IDW International, that will oversee all international licensing of the IDW catalogue, including Top Shelf . But as well as that, it will also take in Archie Comics, who for the first time will now be represented for non-English language rights.

Maybe even some English rights for England. You never know.

They are also looking to add other unrepresented publishers and creators, and suggest folk contact Jeff Webber at Before his e-mail explodes.

IDW International will make its debut at Angoulême International Comics Festival.

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